The Sephora Online Store now offers Anastasia Beverly Hill exclusively.

Is Anastasia Beverly Hills High End?

Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics are preservative-free, cruelty-free, and made with ingredients that are not toxic. You can find a variety of high-quality products at this store, including liquid lipsticks and brow products that can help you achieve the perfect look in any situation.

Is Anastasia Beverly Hills A Luxury Brand?

In comparison with other luxury brands in the market, such as Hourglass and Gucci, it is not too expensive. Additionally, ABH compensates talented makeup artists with their PR List, which includes everything ABH has released as well as other exclusive products and benefits. It’s a dream come true for makeup artists.

Are Anastasia Palettes Worth It?

I consider Anastasia’s matte shadows to be among the best I have ever used. They feel smooth and creamy, but they do not oxidize or go patchy. With this palette, you can wear mattes in light and dark shades that blend seamlessly together for a multitude of looks.

Is Anastasia Beverly Hills A Billionaire?

Anastasia Soare



What Is Anastasia Beverly Hills Known For?

ABH, or Anastasia Beverly Hills, is an American cosmetics company that specializes in eyebrow products. Founded in 1997 in Beverly Hills, California, by Anastasia Soare, the company is owned by a number of individuals from Romania. Norvina Soare, Claudia Soare’s daughter, is the company’s president.

Is Anastasia Beverly Hills Expensive?

It is often the Internet that finds stunning eyeshadow palettes created by ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills). In packaging that people went crazy for, ABH introduced dynamic and nude eyeshadow shades. There is only one drawback to the brand: it is expensive.

Is Anastasia A Good Makeup Brand?

Thanks to its mix of cutting-edge colors and classic glamour, the brand quickly became a favorite among influencer campaigns. The line is now one of the top-selling brands at Ulta and Sephora, which is probably why our beauty editors are constantly being asked if it’s worth the money.

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