Animal Jam offers a variety of payment options, including credit cards and PayPal, for membership purchases. There are several retail locations where you can purchase membership gift cards.

Do Animal Jam Gift Cards Expire?

We’re happy to tell you that Animal Jam gift cards never expire! To learn more about the benefits of becoming a member, click here. You can redeem your gift card by clicking here.

How Do You Redeem A Gift Card On Animal Jam?

  • You can access Animal Jam by logging in.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • You can redeem a code by tapping the Redeem Code button.
  • Tap the Continue button after you enter your code.
  • How Do You Buy Animal Jam?

    The desktop app allows you to purchase a membership by clicking the Sapphire icon at the top right corner. Animaljam also offers memberships online. com/join.

    How Much Does Aj Membership Cost?

    Premium Shop members can purchase in-game membership for a 1-month recurring subscription (subscription), through the Membership shop in the Sapphire Shop for a 1-month subscription for 400 Sapphires, or through Animal Jam for a 1-month recurring subscription, a 6-month recurring subscription, or a 12-month recurring

    Is Animal Jam Still Free?

    Parents can play Animal Jam with their children for free. The Parent Tools allow parents to control how their children access social features. There are in-app purchases available in Animal Jam that cost real money. There are a number of in-app features that do not require a paid membership.

    Do Unused Gift Cards Expire?

    A gift certificate or store gift card cannot expire for more than five years thanks to the federal Credit CARD Act of 2009. A card that has not been used within a year may still be subject to an “inactivity fee”.

    Can You Gift Animal Jam Membership?

    Gift certificates for Animal Jam Classic memberships are a great way to show your appreciation. Animal Jam Shop offers a variety of gift certificates. In addition to our app, Animal Jam, the membership will affect the currency used to purchase it.

    Where Do I Redeem Animal Jam Codes?

  • Animal Jam Classic can be accessed by logging in.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • The Redeem Code button is located at the top of the Settings menu.
  • You can continue by typing your code in the space provided.
  • How Do Animal Jam Gift Certificates Work?

    Kids can enjoy cool “member-only” features in our animal game, which includes bonus diamonds and PlayWild, with Animal Jam Gift Cards. In-game currency, called Sapphires, can be used to purchase cool den items, awesome pets, amazing animals, and fun accessories.

    How Do You Redeem Codes On Animal Jam Play Wild?

    The Animal Jam Wild Play Codes can be redeemed here. You can redeem Animal Jam Wild Play codes by clicking on the Silver cog in a circle after you have signed in. You will see the Settings Menu when you press the Silver Cog. You can redeem a code by clicking the Redeem Code button at the bottom of this Settings Menu.

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