Aotulinum type A is currently available in Australia under the brand names Dysport and Botox. In Australia, botulinum toxin type A is approved for cosmetic use to treat wrinkles and facial lines.

Can You Buy Botox For Home Use?

“Botox is a prescription drug that must be dispensed or sold by a licensee pharmacy, and only by a licensed practitioner who has a prescription. It is illegal to sell Botox over the counter,” the agency ruled.

Can You Buy A Vial Of Botox?

How much will I have to pay for BOTOX? We are committed to making your BOTOX treatment as affordable and accessible as possible. A 200 Unit vial of BOTOX costs $1,244, also known as the wholesale acquisition cost (WAC). 155 Units of the approved dose are administered every 12 weeks.

Can I Prescribe My Own Botox?

In contrast, botulinum toxin is a prescription-only medicine, which means that you would need to be a prescriber yourself or have a prescriber see your patients before you could administer it.

Can You Buy Botox Off The Internet?

When you have a prescription for botulinum toxin, you will need to order it. Online cosmetic pharmacies (HealthXchange, Church Pharmacy, and Wigmore Medical are all popular choices) also offer Botox for purchase.

Can I Buy A Bottle Of Botox?

It is possible to purchase BOTOX either through a prescription or through a licensed medical professional. It is a crime to purchase or sell these products without having the appropriate medical credentials or license.

Can I Buy Botox For Personal Use?

If you are purchasing Botox from the manufacturer or through a medical supply distributor, you must be a licensed physician.

How Do I Order A Vial Of Botox?

Online or by phone, you can order BOTOX (onabotulinumtoxinA) for therapeutic use. You can order 100 Unit (U) or 200 Unit vials of BOTOX by filling out the online form. If you want to ensure that your BOTOX neurotoxin is delivered on time, you should order it at least two days prior to injection day.

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