92% of Boxed Water is renewable. We’ve talked about this before, but it’s important enough to keep it in mind. We use paperboard and paper waste – a paper product – to make our box. But it isn’t just regular paper that we use.

Who Makes Boxed Water Is Better?

Boxed Water Is Better (Boxed Water for short) was founded in 2009 by Benjamin Gott with the goal of helping the planet in more ways than one. As a result, we’ve planted trees, cleaned beaches, and offered a better alternative to single-use plastic bottles since then.

Why Is Water Not Sold In Cartons?

It is not feasible to use a polyethylene barrier coating on the inside of a carton that does not produce any trace of odor or flavor. The board used to manufacture cartons is not conducive to flavorless and odorless beverages.

Is Boxed Water Really Better?

Based on the study, boxed water has a 36% lower carbon footprint, 43% less fossil fuel use, and 95% less ozone destruction than plastic bottles. In order to make their packaging more sustainable, Boxed Water Is Better has made considerable efforts.

Is Boxed Water Bad For You?

In the box variety, fluoride is not added to tap water and some bottled water is used to prevent deficiency, so you won’t get that benefit. In addition, there is no scientific evidence to support the use of boxed containers, so it is unclear whether they are 100 percent safe as they are not currently proven to be harmful.

Why Is Boxed Water So Expensive?

The price difference between bottled and tap water has many people scratching their heads. There is no truth in the old saying that the price of water is more dependent on the water itself than on the manufacturing, transportation, and advertising costs associated with it.

What Is The Point Of Boxed Water?

Boxed Water’s mission is to provide a better alternative to bottled water that will benefit the environment and water and forestation foundations. Founder Ben Gott came up with the idea in April of 2009, when he realized there was a better alternative to plastic water bottles than he could find.

What Is Boxed Water Is Better Made Of?

92% of Boxed Water’s packaging is made up of plant-based ingredients, making it the most plant-based product in the industry. Paper, 26%; Plant-based plastic, 5%; Aluminum (for flavor barrier), 3%; Plastic film (flavor and safety barrier). Forest management and FSC certification are important factors in the production of our paper.

Why Does Boxed Water Taste Better?

A Boxed Water product can provide you with a crisp, clean, and refreshing taste due to its extreme purification and pure hydration process. There are no minerals, chlorine, or chemicals in it, such as Bisphenol A (BPA), which is found in some plastic water bottles and can cause health problems.

Is Artesian Water Better Than Tap Water?

There is no research to back up the claims made by artesian water companies like VOSS and Nakd that drinking their water can help you fight colds, improve concentration, and keep your skin youthful. Sollid says that the only difference between artesian and tap water is its cost.

What Are The Benefits Of Boxed Water?

  • 92% of Boxed Water is renewable.
  • The water in Boxed Water is 100% recyclable…
  • Compared to bottled water, Boxed Water has a smaller carbon footprint.
  • We use only sustainable water for our drinking water.
  • Our partnership with the National Forest Foundation allows us to plant new trees.
  • Watch where can i buy boxed water in australia Video

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