The product is excellent quality and the price is great. I bought this set and cannot get over how good it is, you get 52 pens, but when you use each pen, you get so many shades, which gives you a vast palette of colors to choose from.

What Are Chameleon Markers?

With Chameleon Pens, you can create a high-quality alcohol marker and mixing chamber in one convenient package. With the pen nib connected to the Mixing Chamber, you can create gradations of color that are impossible to achieve with other pens.

How Many Chameleon Markers Are There?

The fact that there are 52 Chameleon Pen colors to choose from even before you begin layering gives you an idea of how many colors you can choose from.

How Do Chameleons Change Colour Markers?

Make sure that the cap of your Chameleon Pen is off and that the Mixing Chamber nib touches the marker when infusing. If you are infusing with a mixing chamber, make sure you hold the pen vertically with the Mixing Chamber on top. Start by holding the pen for approximately 15 seconds and then try to color with it.

Are Chameleon Markers Good For Fabric?

The Chameleon Pens are Innovative Alcohol Markers that allow you to “Color like no other” with them. Additionally, you can use these permanent markers on a wide variety of surfaces, including concrete, brick, and stone. You can use fabrics, wood, ceramics, and plastic to make anything you want.

Are Chameleon Markers Toxic?

Our alcohol-based pen is permanent on most surfaces, non-toxic, and low-odor, and it is non-toxic.

Can You Use Chameleon Markers On Canvas?

Alcohol pens, on the other hand, dry almost instantly, making them perfect for drawing on canvas shoes. The long-lasting ink and professional quality of Chameleon Pens make them extremely popular alcohol markers. Canvas is an absorbent surface, so you should be aware of bleeding when using it.

What Do Chameleon Color Tops Do?

The color tops of Chameleon pens allow them to be blended into even more colors. The color top should be popped onto any Chameleon Pen and gravity should pull ink from the top to the pen nibs. It will take longer for the color blend to develop if it is left on for a longer period of time. Ink will blend seamlessly into the color top ink!

Can You Mix Chameleon Markers?

With Chameleon Pens, you don’t have to switch between markers to get the best blend. When working from light to dark, pick one of the nibs from the pen and dilute it with the Mixing Chamber to make it more vibrant.

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