$3 is the price of the special edition In A Biskit that is now available at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. The stock is available while supplies last.

Can You Still Buy In A Biskit?

There will be no more of these biscuits, but they will be available while stocks last. Lord knows why you would make a snack this popular for only a short time, but you will want to get in line as soon as possible.

When Was Chicken In A Biskit Discontinued?

After being discontinued in 2015, Chicken In A Biskit and Drumstick In A Biskit are back in supermarkets across the country.

Does Chicken In A Biskit Have Chicken In It?

With Biskit Original Baked Snack Crackers, you can make snacking flavorful. The texture of these baked crackers is light and crunchy, thanks to the chicken used in them.

Can You Still Buy Chicken In A Biskit?

As part of the Flavor Originals line of crackers, which also includes Better Cheddars, Sociables, and Vegetable Thins, Chicken in a Biskit and Swiss in a Biskit are currently available in the United States. Original and barbecue flavors are available for Chicken in a Biskit.

Are In A Biskit Coming Back?

Despite their passion for one of Australia’s most iconic snacks, we are thrilled to announce its return. From 11 August 2021, leading supermarkets and convenience stores across the country will carry the special edition In A Biskit for RRP $3.

What Happened To In A Biskit?

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Is In A Biskit Drumstix Vegetarian?

There is no meat in them, only flavorings.

When Were In A Biskit Discontinued?

In spring 2015, all ‘In a Biskit’ products were discontinued in Australia. The Chicken and Drumstix flavours of In a Biskit will be available for a limited time in Australia in August 2021.

How Long Is In A Biskit Back For?

Biskit Is Back on Australian Shelves For A Limited Time – But Was It Realized It Had Left?? Neither of us are. Nearly two years have passed since In a Biskit was pulled from Australian shelves.

Why Do They Call It Chicken In A Biskit?

As a result, the crackers tasted delicious, but not so much like real chicken as they tasted, deliciously, of chicken flavored bouillon. As a basic butter cracker, biscuits were essentially a chicken-flavor delivery device.

When Did In A Biskit Get Discontinued?

It’s finally time to celebrate again because the beloved discontinued Aussie snack, In A Biskit, is back. In A Biskit was the only true competitor to Shapes in 2015, but it was a dark day when it was quietly removed from supermarket shelves.

Are Chicken In A Biskit Coming Back?

Fans of A Biskit can purchase a box for $3 each. There are 20 of them in supermarkets and convenience stores across Australia. It is sad to say that they won’t return forever, and they will only be available during stock periods.

Is In A Biskit Back?

The iconic savoury snack, In A Biskit, is once again available in supermarkets this month with limited edition Chicken and Drumstix flavours returning after a six-year absence. From 11 August 2021, leading supermarkets and convenience stores across the country will carry the special edition In A Biskit for RRP $3.

Is Chicken In A Biskit Good?

The taste of chicken is 0 out of 5 stars. There is something cult about this item. It is only by loving them that you will be able to try them. It’s great to share the pack of six, but once you start eating, they’re hard to stop.

How Much Is Chicken In A Biscuit?




Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit


Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit – Combo



3 Pc.



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