The rescheduling has made it impossible to supply creosote products used for treating timber around the house due to the rescheduling. Agricultural, industrial, and commercial uses are prohibited. As of 2004, all creosote products were reassessed by the APVMA.

Can You Still Buy Creosote Oil?

The traditional version of Creosote can only be sold to professionals. Trade-people can still purchase the product, however. Therefore, traditional users such as farmers, builders, etc. can still purchase Coal Tar Creosote, provided they do not resell them to the general public.

Where Can I Buy Creosote?

Coal or wood can be used to cook creosote oil in a Coke Oven. As a byproduct of the process, it is essentially free. Due to the fact that it takes several minutes to produce and cannot be sped up, you will need multiple Coke Ovens to produce it in a given quantity.

Why Can You Not Buy Creosote?

As a precautionary measure, the EU banned the amateur use of creosote in 2003 due to concerns about its environmental and human health effects. The use of creosote products for professional and industrial purposes was allowed to continue.

Is Creosote Still Legal To Use?

Since 2003, creosote has been prohibited for use by consumers. There are significant environmental risks associated with wood treated with creosote when it comes into direct contact with soil or water, as it is a carcinogen at any level.

What Has Replaced Creosote?

‘WOCO Creocote’ is a spirit oil-based creosote substitute that is effective at treating exterior wood surfaces. As a safer alternative to original creosote, it has been developed. Despite its shortcomings, it still protects wood against rotting fungi and insects that eat wood.

Can You Still Buy Creosote In The Uk?

Coal tar derivatives are the main ingredients in original creosote. As a result, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) changed the law in 2003, so that creosote is only available to professionals and can no longer be purchased by retail customers.

Is Creosote Banned In The Us?

Utility poles, railroad ties, and marine bulkheads are all made of creosote, a tar derived from coal tar. The federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry has classified it as a high risk substance for cancer. Beginning in January, creosote will no longer be sold, manufactured, or used. 1, 2005.

When Did They Stop Selling Creosote?

Since 2003, creosote has been prohibited for use by consumers. As a result of the Commission’s new decision, the Biocides Directive is amended and creosote is banned from human health and the environment.

What Can You Use In Place Of Creosote?

WoodLife CreoCoat Black Wood Preservative This unique formula contains an insecticide and nearly double the fungicide of standard sealers. As a substitute for creosote-based coatings, it is an excellent choice. Termites are prevented from damaging, rotting, and decay by insecticidal preservatives registered with the EPA.

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