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Is Library Of Fragrance The Same As Demeter?

Demeter was launched in the United Kingdom as The Library of Fragrance in 2015, since another company already uses the name “Demeter,” which refers to the ancient Greek goddess of harvest. There are about 35 countries around the world that sell Demeter products in 2016.

What Does Demeter Smell Like?

This product smells exactly like the dirt from the fields around the family farm in Pennsylvania. With the scent of corn stalks, it turned earth. The layers are well suited to a variety of scents, including almonds, fresh hay, and patchouli.

Where Is Demeter Fragrance Based?

We manufacture all of our products in our Pennsylvania factory. We manufacture all Demeter products by hand, or we manufacture them semi-automatically and finish them by hand. We also batch all fragrances by hand.

How Long Does Demeter Fragrance Shipping Take?

Orders are typically shipped within five (5) business days of receipt of the order. We do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays or on standard business days.

What Does Demeter Thunderstorm Smell Like?

The earthiness of this plant is very earthy. The smell is similar to wet earth/soil and ozone.

What Does Demeter Holy Water Smell Like?

There was a mixture of porcelain font, ozone-scented water, and oak-scented pew. It’s lovely, we think. This scent can be captured by looking at an old European church in a small town off the beaten path. An old stone container might contain blessed water, which is the scent of this container.

What Does Demeter Clean Skin Smell Like?

Clean Skin!! This shower-fresh scent is made up of orange, lemon, white rose, bergamot peach, and vanilla. Demeter’s Clean Skin fragrance is virtually transparent and delicate.

What Does Demeter Kitten Fur Smell Like?

There is a powdery, musky scent to it – not sweet at all. The scent does evoke the same kind of feeling you get when you pick up your beloved feline or cuddle with her on the couch, but I wouldn’t say it’s a kitten scent.

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