We are proud to be an authorised ELEMIS stockist in Australia, and we offer you the most comprehensive range of ELEMIS products available in the country. Their ground-breaking formulations are available to you, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on them.

Where Are Elemis Products Made?

We manufacture all of our products in England* at our ELEMIS Innovation Hub in London, with the highest standards in quality and safety.

Is Elemis Cruelty Free?

There is no cruelty-free version of Elemis. The company may test on animals either on its own or through its suppliers or third parties. In addition to selling products that are subject to animal testing, brands that fall under this category may also sell products that are subject to animal testing.

Which Elemis Range For Mature Skin?

What are they for? With Pro-Collagen, you can age gracefully with lines and wrinkles, while Pro-Definition targets those over 45 with sagging, mature skin that lacks definition.

Is Elemis A Good Anti Aging Product?

Elemis is the UK’s number one anti-aging skincare brand because it produces spa-like products that combine natural ingredients with high-tech science. The Pro-Collagen range is simply so exceptional that it has become so popular.

Is Elemis A Korean Brand?

The Elemis brand has been in business for over 30 years and has been named the number one brand for anti-aging products. With Elemis, you can find skincare products that are both effective and feel-good, combined with cutting-edge technology.

Who Makes Elemis?

ELEMIS, a global brand of luxury skincare products for face and body, has been acquired by the L’OCCITANE Group.

Is Elemis Korean?

L’Occitane bought Elemis – South Korea’s largest beauty products maker – for $2 billion. The value of this transaction is 27 billion euros ($2.). The amount is $5 billion). Due to the explosion in the beauty and skincare market that has been seen in the last few years, the expansion plan was well founded.

Is Elemis French?

Since 1990, Elemis has been offering bath, body, and aromatherapy products as well as high-performance skincare products. There are 95 countries where it is available, making it the No. 1 British skincare brand.

Why Is Elemis Not Cruelty-free?

The Elemis brand does not have a cruelty-free certification because it sells its products in mainland China, so no one can verify its compliance.

Are Elemis Products Suitable For Vegans?

The ingredients in ELEMIS are of the highest quality and are naturally caring. The formulations of these products are vegan-friendly, which means that they are free of animal-derived ingredients such as lanolin, squalene, gelatin, uric acid, carmine, and keratin.

Is Elemis Collagen Vegan?

Elemis is it s vegan? Elemis products are not 100% vegan, which means some of their products contain ingredients derived from animals or animal by-products.

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