Feliway multicat has been discontinued. In homes with more than one cat, Feliway multicat can be a valuable tool for reducing aggression and behavioral problems. Chewy and Amazon still sell the diffuser and refills.

What Can I Use Instead Of Feliway?

Many pet parents find that acupuncture and herbal treatments are also beneficial alternatives to Feliway. Some vets recommend valerian for stressed-out or aggressive cats when they are warmed by essential oils, such as lavender.

Can Feliway Make Cats Worse?

Feliway can make cats sick. Feliway aerosols are not likely to cause cat illness. It is unlikely that there will be a major change in behavior, such as increased grooming or an increased interest in food.

Will Feliway Really Work?

The majority of the research published or presented at veterinary conferences has been done on Feliway (cat pheromones) and D. It may reduce scratching and some types of spraying when used with the pheromone. A variety of Feliway studies have shown that it can reduce spraying on vertical surfaces, such as walls and doors, by up to 90%.

Is Comfort Zone And Feliway The Same Thing?

Feliway and Comfort Zone are they the same?? They are both synthetic pheromones, but they are different brands in their nature. Feliway may be advertised as an ingredient in some Comfort Zone products.

Can You Make Your Own Feliway?

Make some DIY Feliway Feliway is a commercial product that mimics the natural calming effects of your cat’s face pheromones. Synthetic pheromones are not made at home, but you can gently rub a towel on your cat’s cheeks and get his scent from it.

What Is The Active Ingredient In Feliway?

Active Ingredients


Analogue of feline facial pheromones


Ethanol (90%)


Excipients to:

60 ml

Is Pet Remedy As Good As Feliway?

If you need to use these and the same plug, you can use the same one. Therefore, you do not need to purchase the kit, just the refills. Feliway alone is not as effective as these, I believe. Feliway is only available for cats, whereas these are available for dogs as well.

How Can I Calm My Cat Naturally?

Chamomile tea is often drunk before bed to help people relax, and cats can also benefit from its anti-anxiety properties. The dried flowers, however, are a better way to show your cat the benefits of stress relief.

Can Feliway Have Negative Effects?

The manufacturer of Feliway says that the drug does not cause any side effects.

How Does Feliway Make Cats Feel?

The Feliway synthetic cat pheromone mimics calming scents that help cats feel less stressed and anxious. Your cat releases perfume chemicals from glands over its body, which give off different scents to both the cat and himself. The chemicals in these products are understood by cats.

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