In Australia, Fiji Water was launched in 2003 and is available in Coles supermarkets, Thomas Dux stores, IGA stores, restaurants, hotels, and venues throughout the country.

What Is Bad About Fiji Water?

It has been found that Fiji Water contains higher levels of arsenic – yes, the poison – than local tap water in 2006. The UN defines a basic human right as safe, clean drinking water for 12 percent of Fiji residents.

How Much Is Fiji Water Australia?




Fiji Natural Artesian Water









Harris Farm (12-pack) ★



What Company Sells Fiji Water?

In 2004, Stewart and Lynda Resnick’s Roll Global (now known as The Wonderful Company) acquired Fiji Water from Gilmour for a reported $50 million. In addition to Teleflora, POM Wonderful, and Suterra, Resnicks’ holding company owns several other companies.

Is Fiji Water Discontinued?

SUVA, Fiji – Fiji Water announced on Monday that it would close its operations in the South Pacific country that gives the popular bottled drink its name, saying it was being unfairly targeted by the military-installed government. There is only one company that extracts that much water, Fiji Water.

Why Is There No Fiji Water?

Fiji Water laid off workers in 2008 after the government of Fiji raised taxes on the company, which had enjoyed tax-exempt status until that point. Fiji shut down its plant for a short period of time in 2010 after the government tried to raise taxes again.

Why Is Fiji Water Bad For You?

Maggie Rodgers, Cleveland’s water quality manager, states that “6” is the highest level of quality. A Fiji bottle contained 31 micrograms of arsenic per liter. Humans can consume arsenic at a level of 10 micrograms per liter, which is considered safe.

What Is So Special About Fiji Water?

FIJI WATER IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER WATERS FOR A GOODREASON. A unique mineral profile contributes to FIJI Water’s soft, smooth taste, which is derived from Earth’s Finest Water, sourced from an artesian aquifer and untouched until the cap is removed.

Who Owns Fiji Water Australia?

A Canadian businessman named David Gilmour founded Fiji Water under the name Natural Waters of Viti Ltd. in 2008. in 1996. In 2004, Stewart and Lynda Resnick’s Roll Global (now known as The Wonderful Company) acquired Fiji Water from Gilmour for a reported $50 million.

Is It Safe To Drink Fiji Water?

Drinking water in Fiji is safe to drink. The tap water in Nadi and Suva and the mainland resorts is the safest. It is possible, however, that the tap water has a funky taste due to the different filtration system we use here in Australia.

Is Fiji Water Bad For The Environment?

There are many popular bottled water brands in the United States, but Fiji Water is one of the more expensive ones. As a result of the production and distribution process, Fiji Water leaves a large environmental footprint, as well as negative economic consequences for the people of Fiji.

Is It Ok To Drink Fiji Water Everyday?

With FIJI Water, you can treat yourself and stay hydrated all day long. FIJI Water is also made with silica, which contributes to its soft, smooth taste, making it easy to drink all day long. FIJI Water is an easy way to stay hydrated on a daily basis.

Is Fiji Water Good Quality?

In addition to its unique and smooth taste, FIJI Water is pH-balanced at 7 thanks to its natural filtration process. This product contains natural minerals and electrolytes, and is made from the purest source possible. Our rating of this water is so high because of this.

How Much Does Fiji Water Cost?




Fiji Water

23.7 oz. (700mL)


Fiji Water



Fiji Water



Fiji Water

6 x 11.15 oz. (330mL)


Is Fiji Water A Company?

The Fiji Water Company, LLC is a water company in Fiji. Water is manufactured by this company. Hotel, restaurant, and other retail locations use square bottles of water provided by the Company. Customers in more than 150 countries rely on Fiji Water.

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