Flojos were found years ago in an outlet store, I spent maybe $8 for them, but they were absolutely worth the money. I’ve never worn flip flops as comfortable as these, and they fit well with my feet’ shape. Flojos are not my favorite shoe, but I always get a flip flop blister at the beginning of the season.

Who Makes Flojos?

Incorporated by The Courtney Group, Inc., the company provides a wide range of services. The company has acquired Flojos (“flo-hos”), a family-owned business owned by Nellie and Sheng Yen Lin. The company’s CEO and investor is John Dickinson, a footwear industry executive. Guadalajara, Mexico, was the home of Flojos from the Santana Family in the early 1970’s.

What Is Flojos?

The word flojo means loose or weak. In some places, it is also used as a way to make people lazy.

What Are Flojos Made Of?

Flojos 101, also known as “Originals,” is here. In the 1970s and 1980s, this style was a huge hit on the Pacific coast highway, and it remains a classic today. Original Originals are made of 100% authentic rubber, and their criss cross strap design provides support for your feet.

Does Flojos Run Small?

A full size is only 13″ wide. Women should order a full size SMALLER than normal shoe sizes for 101-FLOJOS.

Where Are Flojos Made?

The company was introduced to the surf community in San Diego, California, by making its flip-flops in Mexico. Flojos’ first classic sandal, 101 Flojos, was introduced in the early 1990s, a crisscross style with cross straps that became an iconic product.

Are Flojos Vegan?

The TPR outsole provides superior grip and traction on wet or dry surfaces, such as those found in the footwear industry. Vegans can enjoy this sandal 100%.

What Material Is Best For Flip-flops?

  • Rubber is an inexpensive, bendable, easy-to-wear material that can be easily removed.
  • Moldable, comfortable, lightweight, and shock absorbing foam.
  • Original, traditional, and the kind that molds to your feet are all types of leather.
  • The polyester fabric is thin, water-resistant, lightweight, and comfortable.
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