The frankie magazine is a bi-monthly magazine based in Australia that caters to women (and men) who want a magazine that’s funny, sarcastic, friendly, cute, rude, arty, curious, and caring.

Is Frankie Magazine Worth?

There is a lot of variety and great content in Frankie magazine. There are a lot of great topics covered in this magazine, which is really different and interesting. It is a beautiful magazine and stands out from other glossy publications. There is a lot of information about arts, crafts, and so on.

How Do I Get Into Frankie Magazine?

We welcome submissions from writers, photographers, illustrators, and other creative people. Here is a link to our submission guidelines. As you know, we get a lot of people who want to contribute, so we can’t reply to every email or give feedback to every one.

How Big Are Frankie Posters?




Double Page

w 420mm x h 275mm

w 430mm x h 285mm

Half Page Horizontal

w 210mm x h 136mm

w 220mm x h 146mm

Full Page (Inner Cover Section)

w 205mm x h 275mm

w 215mm x h 285mm

Double Page (Inner Cover Section)

w 410mm x h 275mm

w 420mm x h 285mm

How Often Is Frankie Released?

In addition to music, art, fashion, photography, craft, and other cultural content, Frankie is an Australian magazine that is bi-monthly.

Who Reads Frankie Magazine?

Globally, it is estimated to be read by 335,000 people by March 2019. The 2008 Global Financial Crisis resulted in a 3% decline in Australian magazine sales, but frankie’s circulation increased by 31 percent. During the same period, frankie grew by 60%, making it the fastest growing magazine in Australia.

Who Started Frankie Magazine?

When the first frankie magazine appeared in 2004, Louise Bannister and Lara Burke could not imagine anything better than spending their time op shopping and drinking tea together.

What Font Does Frankie Magazine Use?

There are two types of fonts used: Quicksand and FF DIN light. In addition to Quicksand, Frankie uses a font with dots called Quicksand.

How Do You Get Featured In Frankie Magazine?

Please send your submissions here with all your relevant information in the form of lo-res jpeg attachments, PDF files, and links to websites, flickr, or similar file-sharing sites. If you would like to submit an image to the frankie Instagram page, simply tag @frankiemagazine on a post. (Be sure to keep our style in mind before tagging us).

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