Almost every piece of furniture, including chairs, tables, sofas, consoles, and even decorative pieces, uses hairpin legs. In comparison to traditional chair legs or other types of legs, the hairpin leg design is a much better choice if you want to make the piece lighter.

What Sizes Do Hairpin Legs Come In?



Steel diameter

14 inch

2 or 3


16 inch







Are Hairpin Legs Strong Enough?

Although hairpin legs may appear flimsy and thin, they are very sturdy and strong, so they can easily support a sofa or a bench when used.

How Much Weight Can Hairpin Legs Support?

In terms of weight, 3/4″ legs are suitable for up to 130 pounds, while 1/2″ legs are suitable for 250 pounds or more. We also make a 1/2″ rod leg for small desks up to 50 pounds. Tables require a lot of stiffness due to the 3 rod, which makes the legs very strong.

Are Hairpin Legs Still In Style?

Steel wire legs made it the Hairpin Leg name because of its shape. Modern and contemporary interior decorations still rely on the best hairpin legs, despite their popularity in the past. There are a variety of hairpin table leg styles that are quirky and versatile.

How Much Weight Can Hairpin Legs Take?

The 10mm and 12mm sizes are available. The 10mm and 12mm sizes hold up to 50kg and 100kg, respectively.

What Era Are Hairpin Legs From?

The hairpin leg design was introduced in the early 1940s by Henry Glass, an Austrian-American designer who settled in Chicago during World War II.

What Style Is Hairpin Legs?

There is no doubt that the original hairpin leg has earned its place in history as one of the most classic designs of all time. Furniture from the mid-20th century often featured hairpin legs, either bolted on or built into the design. We expect furniture to support what we expect, so this simple design made of metal could hold up well.

How Strong Are Hairpin Legs?

The classic 10mm legs can support a table up to 60kg, while the heavy duty 12mm legs can support a table up to 120kg. We recommend staying below these limits in order to ensure your table stays sturdy and does not wobble. The legs can actually hold quite a bit more than this, but we recommend staying below these limits so that your table stays sturdy.

How Much Weight Can Metal Legs Hold?

Orders are typically received within 14 days of being placed. Metal legs can support hundreds of pounds, depending on the size and the screws used to hold them in place. Each application of our legs is different, but generally speaking, the legs can support hundreds of pounds.

Do Hairpin Legs Wobble?

There is no wobble in it.

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