In Australia, HCG is licensed for use in fertility and to treat hypogonadism in men. In the United States, HCG is still used as a prescription weight loss program, but it is not legally prescribed in Australia, and it cannot be used to make weight loss claims.

Do You Need A Prescription For Hcg Drops?

The FDA-approved HCG products are only available in injection form and require a prescription from a licensed medical professional. Weight loss products from HCG are not FDA-approved.

How Much Do Hcg Drops Cost?

The Official HCG Diet Drops can be purchased from the official website for $79 per bottle. The official hcg diet program is also available for 45 days.

Is Hcg Banned In Australia?

The Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) of Australia has not approved the use of HCG as safe and effective for weight loss, which means that the products and ingredients of HCG for weight loss are unregulated in Australia.

Has Hcg Been Discontinued?

Gonadotropin (HCG) is a human chorionic substance. In the United States, the HCG brand name has been discontinued. It is possible to obtain generic equivalents of this product if it has been approved by the FDA.

Why Is Hcg No Longer Available?

Over-the-counter weight loss products containing human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) are fraudulent and illegal, and seven manufacturers have been ordered to stop selling them, according to the FDA and FTC.

Where Is Hcg Available?

Fortified HCG Injections are what they sound like. The human Chorionic Gonadotropin injections are prescribed medications. The medication can only be obtained from pharmacies with a prescription from a doctor. Only a licensed and knowledgeable medical professional can prescribe them to patients.

Do Hcg Drops Really Work For Weight Loss?

There is no over-the-counter approval for HCG, nor has it been proven to be effective in weight loss. In order to be considered effective for weight loss, HCG medications must carry a label from the FDA stating that they are not effective.

How Much Can You Lose On Hcg In 21 Days?

The weight loss achieved by using this diet can range from 15-18 pounds over a three-week period (21 days). When using HCG and following a strictly controlled diet, it is common for patients to lose between 12 and 1 pound per day.

Can Hcg Drops Help You Get Pregnant?

hCG treatments can be very effective in increasing fertility since the hormone is a pregnancy hormone. The reason why hCG therapy is often recommended to women who are having difficulty getting pregnant is because of this.

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