Since 2015, Discount Beauty Boutique has been an Authorised Australian Retailer for LA Girl.

Does Wet N Wild Ship To Australia?

We are currently unable to ship internationally to wet n wild customers.

Where Are La Girl Cosmetics Made?

The LA Girl series is produced in the United States. There are no LA Girl factories in China. Furthermore, the brand asserts that its processes and materials are of the highest quality. In order to ship its products around the world, LA Girl manufactures them in the USA.

Who Is La Girl Owned By?

Founded in 1984, Girl is a cosmetics company owned by Beauty 21 Cosmetics Inc., which is based in Ontario, Canada. A large number of large retail and drugstore chains carry their products, which they call “affordable luxury cosmetics.” They are known for their affordable prices.

Is La Girl A Good Make Up Brand?

We at Girl Cosmetics are proud to offer innovative, quality products that are on trend. L. offers a wide selection of high-quality cosmetic products that cater to makeup enthusiasts worldwide. With Girl, you can find beauty without compromise – BEAUTY FOR ALL!

Who Owns Wet N Wild?

A number of water parks around the world are owned by Village Roadshow Theme Parks and EPR Properties under the Wet’n’Wild brand.

Is Wet N Wild Made In Usa?

The pictures above show that all cosmetics sold in China may be tested on animals after they are sold, even though Wet n Wild is made in China.

Is Wet And Wild Good?

The Wet N Wild brand has long been regarded as one of the best budget beauty brands in the USA, with Brits having to stock up on all those bargains while on vacation; finally, this brand has arrived in the UK and brought its amazing price points with it.


Inc. is a beauty products company. The company will move its headquarters to Ontario with the $15 million purchase of a warehouse and office space. L.L. makes its products in Rancho Cucamonga, California, since 1985. A line of cosmetics for girls that can be found in stores and online.

What Company Owns La Colors?

Beauty 21 Cosmetics, Inc. is a COLORS Trade Marks company. This website is owned by several trademarks that he has registered.

What Company Owns Wet N Wild Cosmetics?

Wet N Wild, Black Radiance, and Physician’s Formula are all owned by Markwins International, based in Los Angeles.

Who Makes La Colors Makeup?

Beauty 21 Cosmetics, Inc. offers COLORS by Beauty 21 Cosmetics.

Is La Girls Cruelty Free 2020?

There is no cruelty involved with LA Girl. The LA Girl brand has confirmed that it is cruelty-free. Neither their suppliers nor any third parties test finished products or ingredients on animals. Furthermore, they do not sell their products if animal testing is required by law.

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