Located in Ladera Ranch, California, United States, LAWN FAWN, LLC is a consumer goods company.

Can I Sell Cards Made With Lawn Fawn Stamps?

We only sell products for personal use. Lawn Fawn designs can only be used to create original works, so you can sell stamped and die cut artwork if you follow these guidelines. There may be exceptions to the rule regarding Lawn Fawn designs.

When Did Lawn Fawn Start?

Kelly Marie and her husband Mike founded Lawn Fawn in 2010 with the goal of bringing smiles to crafters’ lives.

Can I Sell Stamped Cards?

It is not permitted to use paid workers in mass production. It is prohibited to sell stamped images or die cut images as stand-alone products. It is not permitted to use Avery Elle images for logos, trademarks, or promotional materials. They must be used in a personal project.

Can You Sell Stamped Images?

It is illegal to sell stamped images, even if they are hand stamped, for other people to use as a replacement for rubber stamps. It is especially prohibited, and these sites will be prosecuted for copyright violations.

Do Crafts Angel Policy?

Large companies like Stampin Up, Crafters Companion, and American Crafts have angel policies. You must make each handcrafted item individually and personally (i.e. The work may not be mass produced (i.e. not printed or printed on a computer) and may not be reproduced or copied in any way – including graphic, digital, electronic, mechanical, or photocopy.

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