If you want to find a piece, look it up on Peeron, BrickLink, or BrickSet first. You can find lists of sets in which parts can be found since all of these carry set inventories are in stock. Make sure you start with more unique parts, you’ll probably find them in a few models.

Do You Get Spare Parts With Lego?

There are usually more pieces in LEGO sets than there are in standard sets. Most of the time, they are small bricks, such as 1×1 plates, tiles, studs, cheese slopes, levers, andennas. I know some people would throw away the extra bricks, but never do it.

Does Lego Send Replacement Parts For Free?

LEGO will replace most bricks for free, and it will not even ask for proof of purchase for the vast majority. Replacement pieces usually arrive at your door within 7-10 business days (depending on where you live) and are covered by the LEGO warranty.

Does Lego Sell Parts?

You can choose from a wider selection of parts if you were unable to find what you were looking for on Pick A Brick. If you want to order a particular part, you’ll need to enter its element or design number or its number in a set.

Do Lego Send Spare Parts?

Free LEGO replacement parts are available from LEGO. The process is very simple, and you can do it on their website, which is quite simple.

How Do You Get Old Lego Sets?

Sets that have been used. You can find discontinued sets in new and used condition at the usual corners of the internet: Amazon, eBay, etc. You can also check out Catawiki, a Holland-based auction site with a LEGO expert and weekly LEGO auctions.

Are Lego Replacements Free?

LEGO pieces that are broken or missing from a set are usually free to repair.

Does Lego Replace Broken?

In addition to packaging their sets well, LEGO also makes it rare to find an element that has been broken. LEGO’s customer service will replace a broken part for free if it is found.

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