There is nothing better than a notebook in the Leuchtturm1917. In particular, the dotted one is more flexible than the graph grid, but it is less busy than the graph grid. As soon as you need them to reappear, the dots will get out of your way. Bullet Journals are a great choice because they are easy to read and easy to use.

What Size Is Leuchtturm1917?

There are 249 numbered pages, 8 perforated pages, and 5 pages on each page. 75 x 8. The 25 inch, Thread-bound opens flat, stickers for labeling and archiving, Numbered pages and blank tables of contents for easy organization and notes, Acid-free and ink proof paper, an elastic pocket inside the back cover, and page markers.

What Is The Gsm Of Leuchtturm1917?

The weight of Leuchtturm paper is 80gsm (or g/m2). It is helpful to know that paper weights are 40 to 50 grams. Here is a guide to help you figure it out: Common Paper GSM Weights: Newspaper – 40 to 50 grams.

Where Are Leuchtturm Notebooks Made?

The Leuchtturm 1917 – Supplying the World with Notebooks was made in Germany and published in German.

Is Leuchtturm Better Than Moleskine?

The Leuchtturm paper is thicker and better quality, but the finish is very similar to Moleskine’s. Both notebook brands fold and glue their elastic straps and bookmarks, making them very secure.

Is Leuchtturm Paper Good For Fountain Pens?

If you use the right pen and ink combinations, you can certainly evoke feathering and bleeding with this paper, even if it isn’t absolutely premium for fountain pen use.

Do Leuchtturm Notebooks Lay Flat?

It is stitched and holds up well, and the binding of the Leuchtturm1917 is sturdy. The Leuchtturm1917 is one of the best mattresses for its ease of laying flat and not breaking the spine.

What Size Is Leuchtturm B6+?





Model Number


Product Dimensions

‎12.5 x 19 x 1 cm; 180 Grams



What Is The Largest Leuchtturm Notebook?

The Master A4+ (225 x 315 mm) is an oversized notebook that will even keep loose A4 sheets between pages safely.

What Is A Standard Journal Size?


“L” Cover length when open

“W” Cover width when closed




Full Focus



Field Notes 4.75×7.5″



B6 Stalogy (Stalogy 365)



How Many Pages Is Leuchtturm1917?

There are three pages for the index and columns for the page numbers and topics in the Leuchtturm1917. On each page of the index, you will find a brief description. The dot grid and page numbers are shown here. There are 249 numbered pages in total.

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