What is the number of Lottie dolls?? Currently, there are thirty-one Lottie dolls in the range. Our range is constantly being updated and refreshed. The seven dolls were discontinued in the early 1990s, and many people have become collectors since then.

Where Are Lottie Dolls?


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How Big Is A Lottie Doll?

The youngest member of the family is 7 years old. The height of this article is 5 inches (18 cm). Based on the proportions of the average nine-year-old girl, Lottie’s height is determined by the academic research in child psychology and nutrition that led to it.

Are Lottie Dolls Good?

They are adorable little dolls, perfect for little hands because they are so balanced. In addition to the clothes and accessories, there is a lot of attention paid to detail. In addition to the quality of the hair, it is also a very distinctive feature. It seems that the hair is shiny and soft, but it does not tangle easily like some dolls’ hair.

Are Lottie Dolls Poseable?

The Lottie is designed to maximize the creative play value of the child. In addition to being imaginative, creative, and pretty clothes, Lottie is about being bold, brave, and active in the Great Outdoors, which is what she does as a child. Flexibility, poseability, and the ability to stand on her own two feet make her a great pet.

What Age Are Lottie Dolls For?

The dolls are based on the average proportions of a 9-year-old, unlike other dolls, which have jewellery or high heels. The Lottie and Finn dolls are age-appropriate, relatable, and fun for children between the ages of 3 and 9. These lovely dolls are 22cm tall and are portable, so little hands can carry them around easily.

Where Are Lottie Dolls Made?

A factory in China is audited by an ethical standards organization to manufacture the doll. In order to sell into a department store, you need to make sure that your products are of high quality. Donegal is a great place to base ourselves.

What Are The Names Of The Lottie Dolls?

  • Lottie STEM Toy Doll by Fossil Hunter. $26.49….
  • The Rosie Boo Lottie Doll is $26.49….
  • The Kid Activist Doll by Little Miss Flint by Mari Copeny is $26.49….
  • The story time with Lottie…
  • Lottie’s Mia Doll is a Wildlife Photographer’s Kids Toy.
  • Lottie’s Kids Gifts by Muddy Puddles are made with toys and dolls.
  • 17% off on all purchases…
  • The Stargazer Doll and the Astronomy Lottie Doll are both available from Space Toys.
  • How Old Is Lottie?

    Arklu Ltd. created the Lottie Dolls series of dolls. August 2012 marked the launch of the product. As part of her mission to the International Space Station in December 2015, Lottie was the first doll in space, promoting STEM subjects for kids. She was also the first doll in space with British European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake.

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