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Do They Still Make Meccano Sets?





Meccano SN, France (Owned by Marc Redibo)

Revoked Argentinian licence to secure global rights

What Is The Best Meccano Set?

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Who Makes Meccano Now?

Since its founding in 1976, Meccano has been owned by a variety of French, American, and Japanese companies. The company is now owned by a French company, which operates a factory in Calais, which was established by the original British company in 1959.

What Is The Difference Between Meccano And Erector?

As of 2000, Meccano acquired the Erector brand and consolidated its worldwide marketing with its own brand, which continued to exist independently until then. Various metal beams were used to construct the basic components, which included regular spaced holes for assembly.

Is Meccano Still Produced?





Meccano Ltd, UK. 100% owned by Frank Hornby

Frank Hornby bought out David Elliott and rebranded the business.

Do Erector Sets Still Exist?

As of now, the Meccano brand is used to market the Erector Set, which is marketed as “Erector by Meccano”.

What Is Meccano Made From Today And Why?

purists consider the modern French and Chinese-made Meccano to be thinner, plastic, hexagonal steel bolts, and specialized pieces that have been made with more advanced materials.

What Is The Biggest Meccano Set?

The Queen’s University Belfast engineering students built a 100ft bridge across the Lagan River to set a world record for the largest Meccano-based construction. Ten thousand pieces of lightweight metal were used, and seventy thousand nuts and bolts were used.

Is Meccano Still Made Of Metal?

The Meccano model construction kit consists of metal strips, plates, angle girders, wheels, axles, and gears that can be reused. Building mechanical devices and working models with it is a versatile constructional medium.

Is Meccano The Same As Erector?

“The New Erector, The World’s Greatest Toy,” was the name given to the toy at the time. Erector was acquired by Meccano in 2000, and the company has since unified its presence across the globe. As of now, the Meccano brand is used to market the Erector Set, which is marketed as “Erector by Meccano”.

Is Meccano German?

The German branch of Meccano (similar to Meccano France) was a German offshoot company with rights to “do things” with Meccano (similar to Meccano France), and since local manufacturers were quite capable of producing the parts, the German office was primarily used for office space and warehousing

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