One bottle of this £50 miracle eye cream sells every 30 seconds, making it the world’s best-selling product. The Australian company behind ‘My Perfect Eyes’ claims that in trials, 100% of people reported a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles immediately, and 96% reported a reduction in puffiness as well.

Does My Perfect Eyes Work On Wrinkles?

The perfect eye area skin and instant results! Under eye bags, wrinkles, dryness, and other signs of aging can be treated with this product.

Is My Perfect Eyes The Same As Eyesential?

Yes! It is available from the manufacturer as a REAL and ORIGINAL Eyesential. MyPerfect Eyes, the company behind the new improved formula, is trying to fool Australians.

Does My Perfect Eyes Leave A White Residue?

If you use a little less product (less is better), after My Perfect Eyes has dried for 60 seconds, apply your daily moisturiser to the rest of your face, and lightly apply any remaining cream from your fingertips where the white residue edges will disappear.

How Dies My Perfect Eyes Work?

Magnesium, one of its main ingredients, creates a clear, thin veil over the skin, contracting as it dries to create temporary lift and puffiness relief. Additionally, you cannot wear eye makeup over the area since most makeup contains oil that breaks it down.

How Long Does My Perfect Eyes Last After Application?

As I use MPE, it works perfectly, does not irritate my skin, and can be worn for hours without causing any discomfort. When I use it with warm water, I experience a red and slightly burning sensation under my eye for up to two days.

Can You Use My Perfect Eyes On Your Face?

The My Perfect facial treatment kit can be used on your entire face and neck, but only under the eyes. It has been proven that this treatment can reverse the effects of aging over time. You will notice a reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging within 20 minutes of applying the products.

Do Perfect Eyes Work On Other Areas?

Yes! If you are wearing My Perfect Eyes, you should avoid applying moisturiser or primer to the under eye area. In order to achieve those amazing results, My Perfect Eyes must be applied directly to dry skin to form an invisible veil under the eye area.

Why Does My Perfect Eyes Leave White Residue?

The bottle must be shaken vigorously so that no make-up, moisturizers, traces of cleansers, or eye creams can be found. You can just shake it up a little more if it appears a little gritty. This can cause a white residue on the skin if it has been left on for too long.

Can You Put Moisturiser Over My Perfect Eyes?

My Perfect Eyes can be used with a moisturiser. If you are wearing My Perfect Eyes, you should avoid applying moisturiser to the under eye area.

What Does My Perfect Eyes Contain?

The pH of cosmetic products is controlled by sodium silicate, an inorganic salt. Sodium silicate is found in soaps, detergents, and eye makeup, sometimes referred to as “liquid glass.”. Silicate made from magnesium aluminum is used as a thickener in cosmetics. It is a mineral derived from purified clay.

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