You can purchase the Nuraphone outright or subscribe for a low monthly fee to enjoy Nura’s personalized sound. The NURAPHONE can be connected to a standard 3mm gaming microphone cable using a custom 2m cable. This is a 5mm analog jack. This cable is secure and includes a Headset adapter.

Are Nura Headphones Really Good?

The bass performance of the Nura Nuraphone is very good, according to us. Over-ear headphones produce the bass, which adds a lot of thump and rumble to the sound. In low-bass environments, they feel a bit more bass-heavy than the graph indicates.

Where Is Nura Located?

A consumer electronics company based in Melbourne, Australia, nura designs and manufactures headphones with personalised sound technology.

Is Nuraphone Better Than Bose?

I believe the Nuraphone headphones are better than Bose NC 700 headphones. In order to hear sound, the Nuraphones adapt to your ear. By using the Nura app, they can measure your sensitivity to certain frequencies and adjust those frequencies so that your sound is perfectly balanced.

Are Nuraphones Bad For Your Ears?

Despite the fact that your Nuraphones have been designed and tested to the strictest of standards for safety, you should be aware that exposure to loud noises at or above 85 decibels (approximately the same volume as a food blender) can cause gradual hearing loss over time.

Are Nuraphones Actually Good?

It provides an expansive and detailed sound across all frequencies, making it a truly amazing device. In addition to the on- and in-ear design, the seals are from the outside world, so isolation is a great benefit. In addition to the dual design, the headphones’ sound is also influenced by it.

Who Is The Ceo Of Nura?

LinkedIn profile of Daniel McCallum, CEO of Nura.

Does Nuraloop Have A Mic?

The NuraLoop has four highly sensitive microphones that make good quality calls at all times. The TouchDials allow you to dial, tap, or double-tap each earpiece to perform a variety of useful functions, such as volume up/down, play, pause, skip, and answer calls, giving you full control over your music while on the go.

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