Founded by Aliza Jab*s, NUXE is a French brand that pioneers natural-origin cosmetics. We formulate and manufacture each skincare product in France to meet pharmaceutical quality requirements, combining the marvels of nature with the science of science to awaken the senses and awaken the senses of the user.

Are Nuxe Products Natural?

Our products are made from natural, exclusive, and high-quality materials. Natural ingredients make up 80% of the products, and parabens, mineral oils, and animal ingredients are not used. In addition to the packaging, Nuxe’s products must also be sustainable.

How Do You Use Nuxe Shimmer Oil?

You can nourish and soften your skin with Shimmering Dry Oil, which adds a satin finish to your face and body. Use a few drops of Huile Prodigieuse or NUXE cream on your face to make it look better. To create a satiny glow, massage Huile Prodigieuse OR over your legs from the bottom to the top.

Is Nuxe Sold In The Us?

Nuxe, a French skincare brand, has launched on the US online retail site Ulta. com. In this partnership, the company will sell its skincare products for the first time on the site, showing that the US consumer is still hungry for French beauty.

Who Owns Nuxe?

A partnership with NAXICAP Partners has acquired Nuxe. Nuxe’s shareholders have sold the company to NAXICAP Partners for $66 million in cash. Natural cosmetics and skin care products are manufactured by Nuxe, which is one of the most dynamic players in the market for natural cosmetics in pharmacies and paraphamacies.

What Type Of Oil Is Nuxe?

Huile Prodigieuse multi-purpose oil is a face, body, and hair oil that repairs, protects, and hydrates, but does not leave you greasy or sticky. At least 95 percent of the votes are required. This oil contains 5% natural origin vitamin E extracts and fatty acids, making it one of the most powerful antioxidant oils.

Is Nuxe Oil Good For Hair?

Huile Prodigieuse from NUXE’s Dry Oil nourishes, repairs, and beautifies the face, body, and hair. The shimmering dry oil will illuminate and soften the skin and hair while it is applied. Because it is non-greasy, you can wear it right after applying it to your face.

Is Nuxe Chemical Free?

There are no synthetic active ingredients in them that are not certified. Mineral oils, genetically modified organisms, artificial colors, and paraben are not used.

Are Nuxe Products Paraben Free?

We use natural ingredients in our formulas, including parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colorants, etc. – We do not use raw materials derived from animals (except for beehive products).

Is Nuxe Plant Based?

In addition to being vegan, our formulated products are also kind to animals: they do not contain any ingredients or derivatives of animal origin (except for our Rve de Miel, which contains hive derivatives), and we do not conduct animal testing, as required by European regulations.

Is Nuxe Good For Sensitive Skin?

When Nuxe designed the Insta-Masque range, he took this into consideration. In just two minutes, the mask can buff and even out dull complexions, so it’s a great product for those who have dull skin. The skin is even gentle enough to use on sensitive skin since it is so gentle.

What Do You Use Nuxe Oil For?

The Nuxe Oil can also be used as a body lotion to treat dry, flaking skin, as well as a face moisturizer. You can apply it all over your body or use it to target dry spots such as elbows, arms, legs, and feet.

Can You Use Nuxe Oil In The Bath?

Adding a few drops of the luxurious dry oil to your bath water creates the ultimate indulgent treat – perfect before you go out or during the autumn season.

Is Nuxe Oil Good For Dry Hair?

There was a great arrangement of Nuxe’s face and body products, all of which have a signature scent of dry oil. The face, body, and hair can all be benefited from this multi-functional dry oil. In addition to nourishing, repairing, and making the skin and hair look healthy, it also helps to keep them hydrated.

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