A carboxylic acid, oxalic acid is also known as ethanedioic acid, a colourless, crystalline, toxic organic compound.

What Can Oxalic Acid Be Used For?

Bleach, metal polish, stain removal, and mordant are all uses of oxalic acid. Bleaching agents are used to Bleach Straw hats, Leather, and Wood. As a reducing agent for metal oxides, oxalic acid can remove tarnish from metal surfaces, as well as rust and ink stains from ink.

How Much Does Oxalic Acid Cost?

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Does Ajax Have Oxalic Acid?

BKF Cleanser and Comet or Ajax differ primarily in 1) the absence of bleach, 2) the use of oxalic acid, 3) the quality of rubber used, and 4) the detergents used.

Can You Mix Oxalic Acid With Vinegar?

The two acids oxalic acid and vinegar work well together. I haven’t tried it, but I’m sure you’ll get a negative reaction if you do.

What Is Chemical Name Of Oxalic Acid?


oxalic acid

Alternative Names

ethanedioic acid

Molecular Formula


Molar Mass

90.034 g/mol



What Is Oxalic Acid In English?

A poisonous strong acid (COOH) or HCO that occurs in various plants (such as spinach) as oxalates and is used as a bleaching or cleaning agent and as a chemical intermediate.

How Did Oxalic Acid Get Its Name?

Water is made up of a colorless solution of this white crystalline solid. Early researchers isolated oxalic acid from flowering plants of the genus Oxalis, which is commonly known as wood-sorrels, which gave rise to its name.

What Is Oxalic Acid Formula?

The formula for C2H2O4 is: C2H2O4 oxalic acid / Formula

Is Oxalic Acid Good For Cleaning?

The oxalic acid is ideal for cleaning and polishing virtually any stone, and can be applied by rubbing and grinding, or by soaking loose stones in a diluted oxalic acid mixture and letting it sit for a long period of time, letting the agent do its job on its own (

Is Oxalic Acid Safe To Use?

Acid and chelating properties of oxalic acid make it toxic. Burn, nausea, severe gastroenteritis, vomiting, shock, and convulsions are possible side effects. When ingested, it is particularly toxic. Humans may be at risk for fatal overdoses of up to 5 to 15 grams (71 mg/kg).

How Do You Clean A Toilet With Oxalic Acid?

Bleach-soaked paper towels should be applied to the toilet bowl after it has been sponged dry. A stronger cleaner is often needed for brownish scale and rust, such as oxalic acid or hydrochloric acid, which is even stronger. Mixing acid solutions in equal parts, 50 percent acid and 50 percent water is the safest method.

Is Oxalic Acid Better Than Bleach?

The natural color of wood will not be affected by common laundry bleach or chlorine, which effectively removes stains and dyes from wood. Water and rust stains can be removed with oxalic acid, as well as teak stains, and the graying effect of weather-exposed wood can be lightened.

What Is Oxalic Acid Used For?

Cleaning or bleaching is the main application of oxalic acid, especially for rust removal (iron complexing). As a result of its water-soluble nature, it is useful in rust removal because it forms a stable, water-soluble salt with ferric iron. Oxalic acid is found in the cleaning product Zud.

How Do You Calculate Oxalic Acid?

In this case, the equivalent weight of oxalic acid is determined by multiplying the molecular mass of oxalic acid/2 by 126g/2. In other words, oxalic acid weighs 63 grams in weight.

What Happens If You Get Oxalic Acid On Your Skin?

It is possible to become severely irritated by oxalic acid on the skin. Skin contact with crystals/solution can be harmful. Hypocalcemia is a rare condition caused by rare chemical burns from oxalic acid.

What Will Oxalic Acid Dissolve?

It was concluded that oxalic acid is the most efficient way to dissolve iron oxide from ceramic minerals, and that it is the most effective way to do so. According to research, oxalic acid is the most efficient acid for dissolving most iron oxides since it presents a lower risk of contamination of the treated materials after calcination.

What Cleaners Contain Oxalic Acid?

It is, in fact, oxalic acid found in Bar Keepers Friend, one of my favorite cleaners. Bar Keepers Friend, a 12-ounce can of oxalic acid, is highly diluted. Zud, another household and garage cleaner, is familiar to you.

What Product Has Oxalic Acid In It?

There are many fruits and vegetables that contain oxalic acid, such as rhubarb (like George William Hoffman discovered), spinach, beet leaves, swiss chard, and more.

Is Ajax The Same As Bar Keepers Friend?

Bar Keepers Friend is an acidic cleaner that contains oxalic acid, while Ajax is a cleaner that contains chloroform. Ajax is a bleach-based cleaning product, however. A micro scrubber or mild abrasive is used by BKF.

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