The OxiClean product line was discontinued by Church and Dwight in August, 2017. When the product was not available on store shelves or through Amazon (at a normal price), a consumer support line was contacted.

Does Target Sell Oxiclean?

The Oxiclean Powder Versatile Stain Remover Free is a free, easy-to-use stain removal tool. Target has a weight limit of 5 pounds.

Are Shout And Oxiclean The Same Thing?

OxiClean and Shout both work well as stain removers, and you can’t go wrong with either of them. Shout offers sprays and gels that treat more minor stains, while OxiClean offers a broader range of products that can treat stains large and small.

What Is The Best Clothes Stain Remover In Australia?

  • The Aldi Di-San Oxy Action with Enzymes Pre Wash Stain Remover with Eucalyptus Oil (CHOICE Expert Rating: 75%) is a powerful stain removal product.
  • The Coles Ultra Prewash Stain Remover (70%) is a powerful stain removal tool.
  • The Aldi Di-San Ultra Degreaser with Enzymes Pre Wash Lemon Fragrance Stain Remover (69%) is a great product.
  • The Aldi Di-San Oxy Laundry Soaker and In Wash Booster is rated 67 percent.
  • What Is Oxiclean In Australia?

    OxiClean laundry and stain removal products can be used for more than 101 different purposes. There is no doubt that OxiClean is the go-to stain removal product for laundry and almost any surface in your home. Oxygen is used to remove chlorine from laundry, carpets, upholstery, tiles, and other surfaces.

    Did Oxiclean Go Out Of Business?

    The current logo, in use since 2003

    Different OxiClean Products



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    Orange Glo International


    OxiClean Gets The Tough Stains Out!

    Why Is Oxiclean Harmful?

    OxiClean uses this product to help cleaners penetrate fabrics more effectively. In addition to gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, respiratory irritation can cause redness, irritation, and scaling of the skin, as well as corneal inflammation.

    Are Oxiclean And Biz The Same?

    It is important to note that oxiclean contains washing soda, peroxide, and a small amount of detergent, while biz has more. stains, wash soda, peroxide, and optical brighteners (which make fabrics appear brighter, but can fade dark fabrics).

    Who Manufactures Oxiclean?

    The Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation is responsible for manufacturing, marketing, and distributing this item. Church & Dwight Co. owns the OXICLEAN trademarks. , Inc. The licenses are used by Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation for the purpose of manufacturing.

    Does Dollar General Have Oxiclean?

    Dollar General offers discount laundry detergent and supplies to help you save money on laundry day. Tide, Gain, Clorox, and Oxi-Clean are just a few of the brands you can trust to offer top quality products at a fair price.

    What Is The Difference Between Oxiclean And Oxiclean Max Force?

    Max force and regular oxiclean are two different types of oxiclean. OxiClean Max Force is a laundry stain pre-treater that tackles a broader range of dried-in stains than OxiClean Laundry Remover. It is unbeatable on BBQ sauce, chocolate pudding, brown gravy, and make-up stains, as well as on BBQ sauce.

    Which Is The Best Oxiclean Cleaner?

    We highly recommend OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover because it is safe to use on all white and color clothes, delivers excellent stain removal, and is gentle on fabrics as well.

    Has Shout Been Discontinued?

    Is it because shout out of stock is out of stock everywhere for months? What are their plans for discontinuing it? A high demand has caused it to be out of stock.

    Is Shout A Good Stain Remover?

    In our testing, Shout Advance Action scored the lowest of the six stain removers. This stain removal product removes body oil, grease, blood, and grass, earning it an Excellent rating in these tests.

    Can You Use Shout As Laundry Detergent?

    You can use Shout Triple-Acting on stains, but it is gentle on fabrics that are machine-washable. With Shout, you can live in the moment and clean up later with stain-fighting ingredients that break up and remove tough stains. A stain can be cleaned directly with this product, which is 50x more concentrated than an in-wash powder.

    What Is The Most Effective Stain Remover?

    Bleach with chlorine and color-safe chlorine. Household bleaches that are diluted are among the most effective stain-removal agents for clothing and linens.

    How Do You Remove Stains From Clothes That Have Been Washed And Dried?

  • A quart-size spray bottle should contain three tablespoons of white vinegar and two tablespoons of liquid detergent.
  • Mix the cleaner and cleaning solution in the bottle and spray the set-in stain.
  • As you would normally do, crease the item.
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