With PENATEN Medicated Cream, you can soothe diaper rashes with a thick, rich formula that stays put for effective treatment. In addition to sunburn, scalds, dermatitis, and itching due to eczema, it relieves rash caused by heat and perspiration.

Where Is Penaten From?

It is Amazon. Penaten Basic Creme 150ml – fresh from Germany – Body Gels And Creams – Beauty & Personal Care.

What Cream Is Similar To Sudocrem?

The ointment form of Aquaphor is similar to Sudocrem in the US, but it is also a bit like it. The product helps to heal scrapes and burns, soothe red and sore babies, and soothe burns.

Is Penaten A Barrier Cream?

The PENATEN diaper rash treatments can also be applied to protect the skin of the baby. By applying the cream, you create a barrier that protects the skin from further damage for a longer period of time, allowing the irritated skin to heal more effectively.

Can Adults Use Penaten Cream?

A woman may use Pennaken Diamond Raph Cream if she is pregnant. With PENATEN Medicated Cream, you can soothe, heal, and protect your skin immediately, while staying in place to provide relief from rashes and chafed skin for adults and infants alike.

What Is Penaten Creme Used For?

The cream has been used for decades for treating diaper rash, sunburn, scalds, dermatitis, and the relief of itching due to eczema, and it relieves rashes caused by heat and perspiration as well. You can join the legion of fans who depend on this skin-soothing wonder for babies and adults by clicking here.

Is Penaten Cream Good For Eczema?

PENATEN Medicated Cream contains 18% zinc oxide, which makes it suitable for treating sunburn, scalds, and a variety of minor skin conditions, including eczema (atopic dermatitis).

Does Penaten Work For Dry Skin?

The product is suitable for most skin types, and it works well with feet and dry skin as well.

How Long Is Penaten Cream Good For?

There is no expiration date on the Penaten Daily Clear Protection Cream, so you can use it for as long as you like.

Can I Use Penaten For Eczema?

PENATEN Medicated Cream contains 18% zinc oxide, which makes it suitable for treating sunburn, scalds, and a variety of minor skin conditions, including eczema (atopic dermatitis). If possible, apply a thick layer and leave it to dry naturally.

Is Penaten Good For Babies?

With PENATEN medicated products and a little tender loving care, you can soothe your baby while helping to heal and protect from recurrence at the same time. Three important steps can help bring diaper rash under control – gentle cleansing, ensuring the skin is dry, and protecting the skin from further irritation

How Long Has Penaten Been Around?


Healthcare products


1904 in Rhöndorf, German Empire


Max Riese


Johnson & Johnson



Who Invented Diaper Rash Cream?

A woman named Majda Ficko invented Baby Butz diaper cream after her son, Demitri, was born with Cornelia de Lange syndrome, a rare condition that left him disabled. His entire life has been spent in diapers.

Does Penaten Have Petroleum?

This product is not merely a “by-product” but rather a very pure and inert part of petroleum. It is a great emollient and moisturizer that works mainly by occlusivity.

Is Sudocrem The Same As Antiseptic Cream?

Although Sudocrem won’t prevent chafing from occurring, it will certainly help soothe the condition since it is an antiseptic and contains soothing properties for the skin. 1 It contains zinc oxide and lanolin as its main ingredients.

Why Is Sudocrem Bad For You?

People with rosacea may experience irritation from Sudocrem’s benzyl alcohol. Redness and dryness may worsen as a result.

Is Sudocrem Care And Protect The Same As Normal Sudocrem?

Infections are prevented by guards. Reduces the risk of nappy rash. This product comes in a tube, not a Sudocrem bottle, and is easier to use with one hand. Sudocrem is smoother, easier to apply, and washes off better than normal Sudocrem.

Is Diaper Rash Cream A Barrier Cream?

Use a diaper-rash cream to clean your diaper. When choosing a cream, she says to look for one that acts as a thick barrier to prevent irritants such as urine and feces from entering. It is also quite effective to use barrier creams that contain zinc-oxide paste (the thick, adherent white paste).

Is Penaten Good For Acne?

I still use it to deal with odd pimple that appears after I’ve been in high school. The zit is almost healed overnight after it is taken out of the red. Penaten is always in my medicine cupboard and I have a tiny tin for travel as well. It’s great to have this product around for minor cuts, rashes, etc. It’s great to have it with you when you’re going through a tough time.

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