The Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant mimics fertile cervical mucus by using natural ingredients. In clinical trials, Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant allows sperm to swim freely, while other lubricants may actually limit sperm motility, according to research. Comparative pregnancy rates are not available at the moment.

Do Doctors Recommend Pre-seed?

Masterson says you can use Pre-Seed, an FDA-approved “fertility-friendly” lubricant, if you cannot live without lube. You won’t experience any problems conceiving with this pH-balanced product since it matches the pH of fertile cervical mucus and his sperm.

What Lube Can I Use When Trying To Get Pregnant?

In order to help couples conceive, Rizk recommends only one lubricant: BabyDance Fertility Lubricant. According to him, BabyDance is the only fertility lubricant that is parabens-free and FDA-cleared.

When Should I Start Using Preseed?

Pre-seed can be used all month long if you prefer. It is recommended that women apply the lubricant about 15 minutes before sexual activity if they are using it via the vaginal applicator.

Does Pre-seed Lube Really Work?

Yes. The Pre-Seed Fertility-Friendly Lubricant mimics natural body secretions, providing a fertile environment for sperm and relieving vaginal dryness. As fertile cervical fluids, its moisture is delivered in the same pH, osmolality, and viscosity (consistency). The pre-seed does not harm sperm, and it is less irritating to women than other seed oils.

How Long Do You Wait After Inserting Pre-seed?

For more than 30 minutes prior to use, do not store the product in the applicator. In other words, if you draw product into the applicator but do not insert it inside within 30 minutes, the unused product must be discarded and the applicator thrown away.

Is It Safe To Use Pre-seed?

Couples who are trying to conceive can use Pre-Seed lubricant to lubricate vaginal or penile tissues and to moisturize them.

Is Pre-seed Fda Approved?

As the first lubricant approved by the FDA for use by TTC couples, Pre-Seed is the first lubricant to be approved for this purpose. Pre-Seed’s special formulation has been proven to be safe and effective for couples trying to get pregnant in a number of authoritative, professional publications over the past decade.

Which Lubricant Is Safe For Conception?

The use of baby oil or canola oil may be a good choice if specialty lubricants are not available on your budget. In research, they have been found to be safe for people trying to conceive. 4 For ease of use, you can put the oil in a travel-size shampoo bottle and leave it at your bedside for a few hours.

How Do You Use Lubricant When Trying To Conceive?

The narrow end of the applicator should be inserted into the vaginal cavity gently, and the bulb end should be squeezed 2-3 times to deposit Conceive Plus. After squeezing the bulb end, discard the lubricant. Apply up to 15 minutes before sexual activity to coat the vagina and cervix.

When Should You Start Using Pre-seed?

It is common for women to apply the lubricant about 15 minutes before intercourse to disperse moisture. Pre-Seed can be applied up to an hour before sex if you wish.

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