If you don’t have Provolone, there are many good substitutes: Fontina Cheese – a richer, buttery taste that melts well. You can find this cheese almost anywhere, and you can even buy some in the freezer.

Is Mozzarella Similar To Provolone?

In terms of how they are made, provolone and mozzarella differ greatly. The difference between provolone and mozzarella is that provolone is aged for three weeks, while mozzarella is fresh. In addition to being sharper, provolone has a milder taste than mozzarella, which is buttery. Cheeses made from these two types of cheese are among the most widely used.

What Is The Best Provolone Cheese?

This is an aged Italian Provolone with a particularly sharp taste. provolone is often regarded as one of the best in the world due to its taste. Cheeses like this are often seen dangling from rafters in Italian grocery stores, which makes them a very well-known product in the country.

Can You Substitute Swiss Cheese For Provolone?

provolone can be substituted for Swiss in a number of ways. It’s really important to consider whether the nuttier flavor of Swiss compared to provolone will taste good with your dish first. The texture and melt of Swiss and provolone are quite similar, as far as I can tell.

How Much Does Provolone Cost?




8 oz cut portion



1 lb cut portion



10.5 lbs



2 x 10.5 lb wheels



Is Gouda Similar To Provolone?



Total Fat

7.7 g

7.5 g

Saturated Fat

4.9 g

4.8 g


229 mg

245 mg


31.9 mg

19.3 mg

Can I Substitute Provolone Or Swiss Cheese?

The texture and melt of Swiss and provolone are quite similar, as far as I can tell. If you don’t mind the difference in taste, swiss cheese can be a good substitute for provolone in both hot and cold dishes.

Is Asiago Similar To Provolone?

Cheese made from Provolone is another excellent substitute for Asiago. In addition to the two types of cheese, this cheese also has a variety of flavors. The two types of Provolone are Provolone Dolce and Provolone Piccante. Dolce is sweet, and similar to fresh Asiago cheese, while Piccante is tangy, and similar to aged Asiago cheese.

Can Provolone Cheese Be Substituted For Mozzarella Cheese?

If you want to substitute mozzarella cheese for Provolone, you can use Mexican cheese. The taste of Provolone is mild, and it melts easily as well. Additionally, it has a great stretchy pull, making it a great substitute for other items. If you want to use a cheese with a mild taste, such as mozzarella or white cheddar, then it is best to use them.

What Cheese Is Most Similar To Provolone?

Italian chefs recommend low-moisture mozzarella, fontina, scamorza, and Monterey jack cheese as alternatives to provolone cheese. In addition, they suggest that other cheeses such as semi-hard cheddar, gouda, parmesan, and provola can also be used instead of provolone for making recipes as well.

Can I Use Provolone Instead Of Mozzarella For Pizza?

You should stick to mozzarella as your main cheese squeeze if the aforementioned strands of melting cheese can make or break your pizza experience. It is not uncommon for pizzerias to use just this blend of mozzarella and provolone for their pizzas.

What Are The Different Types Of Provolone Cheese?

The two types of Provolone cheese are Provolone Dolce, aged 2-3 months, and Provolone Piccante, aged for more than four months, and have different flavors. In South America, a similar cheese is made by the same company.

Is Provolone A Good Cheese?

The provolone cheese, or Provolone Dolce, is a great melting cheese, making it a great addition to sandwiches, casseroles, and pizzas. With its sharper flavor, Provolone Piccante is a great addition to cheese plates, as a snack, or grated on pizzas, salads, pasta, or anything with a cheese topping that usually comes with it.

What Cheese Is Most Like Provolone?

In terms of texture, mozzarella cheese is the closest thing to provolone cheese. Whenever you run out of provolone, you should always use this. In addition to semi-solid cheddar, fontina, scamorza, gouda, and monterey jack cheese, I also like to use fontina and scamorza.

Which Is Better American Cheese Or Provolone?

In terms of fat content, provolone cheese and American cheese are both pretty high. In contrast, provolone cheese is a more beneficial option because it contains significantly more nutrients, such as calcium, protein, and vitamin A.

What Cheese Can I Use In Place Of Provolone?

  • provolone can be substituted with mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella cheese is considered to be the best substitute.
  • The Fontina cheese is another great substitute for provolone cheese.
  • Cheese made from scamorza.
  • Cheese made with Monterey Jack.
  • Cheese with cheddar flavor.
  • Cheese made by Muenster…
  • Cheese made from Parmesan.
  • Cheese made from Gouda.
  • What Cheese Is The Closest To Swiss Cheese?

    Swiss cheese is often substituted for cheddar cheese due to its fine texture. Due to its high protein and calcium content, it is a very nutritious food. There are many ways to use this widely available and affordable product.

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