In comparison to Pro V1, both Snell MTB and Vice Pro deliver similar distance gains and low spin with the long irons, golf driver, and golf club. In terms of feel and spin, the MTB-X is firmer and behaves similarly to the Pro V1x, Titleist, which means firmer feel and more spin.

Are Snell Golf Balls Any Good?

In addition to Vice Golf, Snell is another direct-to-consumer brand that claims to offer premium tour ball performance at a lower price. Anyone can play with complete confidence that the ball will drive through the wind without any problems since it felt like it penetrated off the driver.

What Company Makes Snell Golf Balls?

As Vice President of Golf Ball Research and Development at TaylorMade in 1996, Snell moved to the company.

Where Is Snell Golf Located?

Based in New Bedford, MA, Snell Golf designs, markets, and distributes premium golf balls primarily through direct-to-consumer e-commerce.

Do Any Tour Players Use Snell Golf Balls?

As long as the endorsement deals are what they are, you won’t see any top pros win with the Snell My Tour Ball anytime soon, but if you are seeking tour validation, consider that Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia, Jason Day, and Dustin Johnson will

How Much Are Snell Balls?


Price Per Unit









Are Snell Golf Balls As Good As Pro V1?

The short iron I used had the most pronounced differences in performance across the board. In terms of performance, the Snell MTB Black and Titleist Pro V1 were very similar, and the higher spinning models of each ball were quite good. As I approached mid-irons and even my driver, I saw almost no difference between them.

What Golf Ball Is Better Snell Or Vice?

Compared to the Vice balls, the Snell MTB Black balls performed better on approach shots. The rolls were adequate, but they were easy to control and were easy to roll. We played them on the fairway and they spun well as well. In terms of roll-on approach shots, the Vice balls are a little disappointing.

What Is The Difference In Snell Golf Balls?

You will find that it can be used in a wide range of situations. In order to improve control, you should lower the spin for long distance shots and increase the spin with short irons. Both golf balls have a smaller core and thicker mantle, which gives them a firmer feel than the MTB-X.

Which Snell Golf Ball Is Longest?

This urethane cover ball has a price tag of around 30 dollars, making it an excellent value for money. With its long, durable, and control characteristics, the MTB-X is the longest Snell ball.

Who Is The Owner Of Snell Golf?

Dean Snell, co-founder of the original Titleist Pro V1 and TaylorMade Penta golf balls, founded Snell Golf in 2015.

Who Makes Snell Golf?

Dean Snell designed the Snell golf balls. Dean has been working in research and development for companies like Titleist and Taylormade for 28 years. He has now patented 40 balls and is the inventor or co-inventor of the Pro V1, Professional, Penta Tour Preferred and other products. Dean is a man with a big heart…

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