You should apply a thin layer of SNS Gelous Base polish to the nail (avoid the cuticle line), then dip the nail into your favorite SNS Gelous Color. Tap and brush the excess powder off the nail after it has dried. Then repeat this entire process on each nail again, just as before.

Can I Do Sns At Home?

It used to be that SNS dip powder nails were only available at salons. We now offer professional products to everyone. Now you can also buy salon-quality nails at home.

How Much Are Sns Nails Australia?

SNS (incl. cut, shape, buff)


SNS + manicure (incl. soak, cut, shape,cuticle push, cuticle cut, buff)


Full set SNS + tips (not including manicure)

Fr $65

SNS Removal only


Removal with SNS service


Do Sns Nails Ruin Your Real Nails?

Natural nails will not be damaged by this. It is really not a good idea to remove SNS nails yourself, as this will cause extreme damage to your natural nails, much like lash or hair extensions. The natural nail is weakened and peeled or broken if SNS is removed.

How Much Should Sns Nails Cost?

The price of these manicures can range from $35 – $75 depending on where you plan to get your nails done, how elaborate you prefer the design, and how long you plan to stay. The good thing about this is that you get what you pay for, and that’s what we expect from our products.

Does Sns Cost More Than Gel?

In terms of money, gel is typically cheaper than SNS; if you are looking for a product that will save you money, then gel might be the better choice. The cost of removing gel from an SNS manicure is closer to $20, while the cost of removing it is about $25. It is true that gel is cheaper at first, but it usually lasts much longer than SNS.

Can Sns Ruin Your Nails?

There is no damage to the nail caused by the product itself. Morrow said that removing the product results in the damage being done in the removal process. “If the product is removed, the natural nail is weakened and peeled or broken,” Morrow said. If you remove the SNS this way, your natural nails will not be damaged.

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