The regular price is $45 per month. Blue crabs (Callinectus sapidus) that shed their hard outer shells are soft shell crabs. We offer this unique frozen delicacy year-round at Handy Seafood. Now you can order frozen soft crabs online.

How Much Does Soft Shell Crab Cost?

Maryland Soft Shell Crabs


Jumbos 5 – 5½ in.

1 doz frozen


2 doz frozen


Primes 4½ – 5 in.

1/2 doz frozen


1 doz frozen


Where Do Soft Shell Crabs Come From In Australia?

Soft-shell crab is most commonly imported from Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand in 1kg bags. However, some are grown in Australia. The only wholesale supplier of Australian soft-shell mud crabs in the country is Watermark Seafoods in Brisbane.

What Months Can You Get Soft Shell Crab?

The local soft shell crab season begins in mid-April or early May each year, and lasts through September, despite legend that they begin molting after the first full moon of May. This means we have roughly five months to enjoy this local cuisine before it disappears.

What Is Soft Shell Crab Australia?

Any crab that sheds its hard exterior shell during its natural moulting cycle is considered a soft shell crab. The Blue Swimmer Crab is the most common species in Australia. A high-tech robotics system is used to detect when they are moulted and allow them to be harvested in QLD.

How Do You Get Soft Shell Crab?

Crabs are regular in the United States – they’re called regular crabs. The shells of these crabs are usually too big for them – so they are usually blue crabs. The shells of these animals are shed and new ones are made to keep growing. The reason why soft-shell crabs are so delicious is that they molt, and this is the process that causes them to grow.

When Should I Buy Soft Shell Crabs?

Live softies are most productive between May and September. The cold weather is a great time to buy softies, and Locals Seafood will buy them in bulk and freeze them. Crabs that are soft need to be cleaned before they can be cooked.

Are Frozen Soft Shell Crabs Good?

It is extremely difficult to freeze softies. Fresh soft shells retain their texture and flavor, tasting almost as good as they were when they were harvested the day before. Blue crabs are easy to defrost and prepare, and they are packed with nutrients such as vitamin B12, selenium, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Are Frozen Soft Shell Crabs Already Cleaned?

The frozen soft shell crab is almost certainly ‘dressed’ (cleaned) and ready to cook if you buy it. Fresh oysters need to be prepared first, however. To do this, simply snip the front part of the shell just behind the eyes with a sharp knife.

How Do You Cook Frozen Soft Shell Crabs?

The oven should be set to 400F. Baking sheets lined with foil should be lightly oiled and filled with soft shell crabs. Flip the crabs after 10 minutes of baking.

Where Do Soft Shell Crab Come From?

The mangrove crab is a perennial source of soft-shell crabs because it grows in tropical muddy flats all year round. The Gulf of Mexico, for example, is a good place to find soft-shell crabs for a longer period of time.

Are Soft Shell Crabs Japanese?

The Japanese eat sushi made from various species, such as maki-zushi and temaki-zushi. Crabs such as the Japanese blue crab (Portunus trituberculatus) or the shore swimming crab (Charybdis japonica) are commonly used. Andalusia is known for its soft-shell crustaceans, which are found in the coastal region.

Can You Get Soft Shell Crab Year Round?

Box Hill offers frozen soft shell crabs year-round, but our customers know that we only serve the best fresh crab. During the summer months, we serve as many fresh blue crabs as possible to our customers, as blue crabs are the most common soft shell crab.

Where Are Soft Shell Crabs Found?

In Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, soft shell crab season is underway. The festival usually begins in early April and runs through early November or early December. Crabs are seen in the water longer than they are in the Chesapeake or East Coast. After the water temperature drops below 50F, we see very few crabs.

What Is The Season For Soft Shell Crabs In Maryland?

In Maryland, soft shells are usually available from mid-May to September. The best time to eat them is when they are available, since they are a delicacy.

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