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Are Speed Stacks Still A Thing?

Incorporated by Speed Stacks, Inc. Sport stacking is a worldwide phenomenon. Over 47,832 schools and organizations are served by our company, which operates in 54 countries.

Where Are Speed Stacks Made?

The World Sport Stacking Association only allows the use of Speed Stacks cups, which are made in China.

Do People Still Cup Stack?

Currently, Stacking is governed by the World Sport Stacking Association, which organizes regional and world championships. In addition to cup stacking, it has also been an A-plus. Since 2012, the Junior Olympics have been held. There are still many young kids and teenagers playing cup stacking.

What Is The Sport Stacking Motto?

The only way to build positive pyramids is to build them with POSITIVE PYRAMIDS. I appreciate all the encouragement, but no putdowns, just humble winners and gracious losers. In addition to developing important physical skills such as hand-eye coordination, quickness, and focus, sport stacking also promotes teamwork, self-confidence, and good sportsmanship.

Is Sport Stacking Still A Thing?

The announcement last week that speed stacking (or just cup stacking, to you and me) will be an official Olympic sport for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was welcomed by speed stacking enthusiasts around the world.

What Is The Point Of Speed Stacks?

In addition to promoting physical fitness, sport stacking also teaches academic skills. The level of concentration and test scores of students who stack on a regular basis have been shown to increase. Students use both their right and left sides of their brains to accomplish this.

Who Made Speed Stacks?

The sport stacking craze began in southern California in the 1980s and was featured on a segment of the “Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson in 1990. As an elementary classroom teacher in Colorado, Bob Fox first came to realize the potential of the book.

How Old Is Speed Stacks?


Cup stacking, speed stacking

First played

1981, Oceanside, California, U.S.


Do People Get Paid For Cup Stacking?

In addition, they do not receive prize money and must pay their own way to competitions like the world championships in order to qualify. According to Goers, sport stacking does not generate TV or media revenue, so royalties are not payable for any endorsed products.

Who Holds The Cup Stacking Record?





Emily Fox ( USA )



Timo Reuhl ( GER )



Steven Purugganan ( USA )



Steven Purugganan ( USA )

Who Invented Sport Stacking?

It was Wayne Godinet, a Samoan-American from Oceanside, who popularized the sport of cup stacking. He was a director at the Boys & Girls Club when he taught the children how to stack Dixie cups in a pyramid one day in 1981.

What Is The Cup Stacking Game Called?

There are many competitions and tournaments held around the world for cup stacking (also known as sport stacking). Stacking cups in specific patterns is the goal of the game. The plastic cup can also be used for many physical activities that are fun and physical.

What Are The Three Basic Stacks In Sport Stacking?

Three phases are used to construct the third and most complex stack in sport stacking: a 3-6-3, a 6-6, and a 1-10-1, all of which end in a down stack.

Why Is Speed Stacking A Sport?

The fastest stacker wins. The sport of cup stacking is often referred to as “sport stacking” or “speed stacking” in order to boost the self-esteem of players who have dedicated their lives to being able to stack and collapse cups quickly.

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