Currently, Spigen Australia only ships to Australia. If you change your mind or make an incorrect choice, Spigen Australia will refund your purchase within 30 days of purchase if the item is brand new with no packaging.

Are Spigen Cases Worth It?

I think it’s absolutely worth it. Spigen cases are the best protection for your phone, even budget phones, because they offer a premium feel and look. As well as being very durable, my friend has been using the Spigen case for the past three years on his iPhone.

Where Is Spigen Located?




Irvine, California , United States and Seoul, South Korea


Phone accessories




Daeyoung Kim

Where Are Spigen Phone Cases Made?

I just bought a Spigen brand case and was pleased to see it made in South Korea, but there was no mention of it on their website or Amazon product listing. The company is based in Southern California.

Why Is Spigen So Popular?

Spigen case buyers report that their cases are a good blend of protection and style, which makes them stand out from other popular case brands. OtterBox is often compared to Spigen Armor cases, the leading manufacturer of protective cases.

Does Spigen Ship Internationally?

Priority FedEx International : Time-definite delivery within 1-3 business days from the U.S. There are more than 220 countries and territories in which this program is available, as well as the U.S. There are more than 220 countries and territories represented.

Does Spigen Have Free Shipping?

No matter how many orders you place, Spigen offers free shipping on all domestic orders.

How Do I Track My Spigen Order?

Please email [email protected] if you would like to request a tracking number. Please contact us via ph if we are not able to update you, or via Facebook if we are not. If you enter the tracking number in the tracking system on the LBC website, you can track your order.

Is Otterbox Or Spigen Better?

Spigen offers good-looking cases that are built with some good materials to provide some protection, while using innovative materials to make them look good. However, Otterbox cases are simply as durable as any other. Otterbox cases are undoubtedly the safest options if you are prone to dropping your phone or climbing tall buildings.

Is Spigen Clear Case Good?

I was hoping for a case that was exactly what I got. I’m pretty sure it won’t discolor because it’s crystal clear and harder plastic. At least not very easily. The plastic does not feel cheap and it is sturdy at the same time. Despite the fact that the buttons are still quite sharp, the holes fit well around the camera/volume/charging port and the buttons still have a nice kick back.

Are Spigen Cases Scratch Proof?

This is the clear Spigen case you need. tempered glass and polycarbonate are used to make the back of this Quartz Hybrid. This case has a tempered glass back that not only feels great, but also scratch-resistant as well.

What Is Spigen In German?

The logo is behind a meaning. Spigen is a German word that means mirror and gene, derived from the words Spigen and Spigel. Combining these two elements reflected our values in creating solutions that reflect the needs of our valued customers.

Are Spigen Cases On Amazon Real?

I received mine from Spigen and it is authentic. Spigen is the seller you should contact if you want to buy from them. The cases I ordered from them have all been great, and I’ve ordered several cases for different phones. I have purchased other Spigen items in the past.

Does Spigen Have A Uk Website?

Twitter / Spigen EU & UK (@SpigenEUandUK).

What Industry Is Spigen?

As a merchant wholesaler of electrical and electronic goods, Spigen Fast Facts operates in the Electrical & Electronic Goods Merchant Wholesalers industry.

Is Spigen Good For Iphone?

Spigen looks good, but the price makes it feel cheap when you pick it up. Due to the slippery plastic back and edges, the case is easy to get into and out of pockets, but difficult to keep in place. In addition, the Spigen is sharper than the Logitech.

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