In Australia, Sylk is available at most leading pharmacies and health food stores.

Can I Buy Sylk Over The Counter?

You can order Sylk natural lubricant 40ml over the counter from any chemist in the UK. You can ask at the pharmacy counter if you need it. The PIP code 314-9689 will be used by your pharmacist to order Sylk natural lubricant from their local wholesaler.

Can You Use Sylk Every Day?

Sylk replaces and replenishes your own lubrication, so you won’t have to worry about it. Sylk can be used every day, and it can be used every day.

Where Is Sylk Made?

The kiwifruit vine extract used in Sylk is grown in New Zealand, and it is also manufactured there.

Is Sylk A Moisturiser?

The Sylk moisturiser is a natural, intimate, plant-based moisturiser that is designed specifically for the vagina. The unique formula of this product works together with your body to hydrate and soothe.

What Is Sylk Cream?

The Sylk vaginal lubricant is a plant-based lubricant that helps relieve vaginal dryness. Sylk is a water-soluble, pH-friendly lubricating gel that is gentle to sensitive tissues and suitable for everyday use. Lovemaking that is frequent. Stress.

Is Sylk Available On Prescription?

Natural vaginal lubricant Sylk is available on the NHS as a prescription product for treating vaginal dryness.

Can Sylk Be Help With Vaginal Dryness?

The vaginal dryness that Sylk alleviates is immediate. Because it is gentle and effective, it is the perfect solution for dry skin whenever it gets too hot. Sylk is a natural product that will nourish and hydrate your intimate parts, whether you are using it for sex or everyday comfort.

Can You Get Replens On Prescription?

In addition to being available over-the-counter without a prescription, Replens MDTM is the number one recommended brand for vaginal dryness relief, as it has been proven to work for a long time.

Does Sylk Help Vaginal Atrophy?

Sylk can help treat menopausal dryness in a number of ways. Sylk is a vaginal dryness relief product that provides immediate relief while nourishing and hydrating delicate tissues. Sylk is gentle and effective, making love-making or just everyday life more comfortable.

Can Sylk Cause Irritation?

In fact, Sylk’s pH matches the slightly acidic vagina, so it does not interfere with the healthy bacteria that live in it. Moreover, it does not contain preservatives, which are thought to irritate the skin.

How Often Can You Use Yes Vm?

Your body is in charge of rehydrating itself when you use the VM. The YES VM application may initially be applied daily and then every three days as the symptoms improve.

What Ingredients Are In Sylk?

Ingredients: Kiwi plant extract, purified water, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate, citric acid, xantham gum, vegetable, glycerine, and grape seed extract are used in Sylk lubricant.

Does Sylk Have Glycerin?

The flavor of glycerin is slightly sweet. KY Jelly, Sylk, Astroglide, Probe, and Aqualube are some of the glycerin-containing products. It is possible for women who frequently suffer from vaginal yeast infections to avoid glycerin lubes, since the sugar can encourage yeast growth in the vaginal area.

Is Sylk Edible?

SYLK is non-greasy, tasteless (it’s edible), and it’s super smooth, too. There are no harmful chemicals in SYLK, a water-based lubricant. Condoms and sex toys can be used with this product. SYLK’s exquisite feel makes it especially effective when using condoms, which enhances sensitivity.

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