In addition to relieving rigidity, tension, and stiffness in muscles (spasticity) that may occur due to various neurological conditions, Synaptol 50 Tablet also helps relieve pain. If you take it after eating or drinking milk, it should be taken with food.

What Are The Benefits Of Synaptol?

Synaptol SR 150 Tablet is a muscle relaxant that works by reducing muscle stiffness, which reduces pain and discomfort as well. All together, it makes it easier to move. With Synaptol SR 150 Tablet, you can do your daily activities without any problems.

Is Synaptol Safe For Kids?

Synaptol is intended for whom?? Those 2 years of age and older are advised to use Synaptol.

How Quickly Does Synaptol Work?

It takes about 2 weeks for the effects to wear off. It may seem inefficient to give your child two doses a day when he first starts taking it, but after a while, it seems to be effective.

What Is Synaptol Used For?

Acute musculoskeletal pain is treated with Synaptol 150 Tablet 10’s (pain begins in muscles, bones, or joints). In addition to relieving muscle stiffness and contraction, it also works on the spinal cord and centers in the brain.

How Do You Take Synaptol?

As prescribed by your doctor, take this medicine as instructed. Take it one step at a time. It should not be chewed, crushed, or broken. Food should be taken with Synaptol 150 Tablets.

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