Prices for Synthetic Ice Solutions vary depending on the size and thickness of the panels you need. For instance, a 12′ X 16′ rink will cost you $1344, while a 20′ X 28′ rink will cost you $3920.

Can I Make My Own Synthetic Ice?

Ice made from artificial conditions is known as synthetic ice. Synthetic ice can also be made at home much smaller than that. Synthetic ice can be used to cool packaged items, but it is not meant for consumption.

Does Synthetic Ice Really Work?

In addition to being less smooth than real ice, synthetic ice is more resistant to skate blades (friction) than real ice. In other words, skating on real ice requires a little more effort. As a result, you will be able to skate more easily on real ice because you will be working harder.

How Long Does Synthetic Ice Last?

Synthetic ice can last up to 30 years if you choose the Swiss premium quality Glice, easily outlasting conventional ice and other synthetic ice products.

Does Synthetic Ice Ruin Blades?

You can rest assured that Xtraice synthetic ice will not harm your blades, as it is made of natural ingredients. You have to sharpen your skates more often when you use synthetic ice surfaces because they dull your blades a little faster than conventional ice. Synthetic ice skates should be made of sharp edges and perfect for skating.

How Is Synthetic Ice Made?

A synthetic ice panel is a sheet of polyethylene plastic made from solid polymer. Since the 1980s, synthetic ice has continued to develop, with most manufacturers and distributors using High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Utra-High Molecular Weight (UHMWPE).

How Realistic Is Synthetic Ice?

The synthetic ice rink certainly provides a more realistic feel than, say, inline skates, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect for mimicking real ice. As we mentioned earlier, the resistance alone is enough to let one know that the rink is not natural.

What Kind Of Plastic Is Synthetic Ice Made Of?

The polyethylene plastic used in synthetic ice is extremely durable and dense. The rink looks like real ice, and it provides a similar skating experience as well.

Is Synthetic Ice Good For Skating?

I believe it is absolutely true. Synthetic ice can be used with any kind of ice skate. No special skates are required. As skating on synthetic surfaces dulls the blade more than conventional ice, you will need to sharpen your skates a little more often.

How Long Do Synthetic Ice Rinks Last?

Synthetic ice can last indefinitely, under normal and expected use, depending on the type of material. Even under the worst of conditions, the tiles are almost indestructible. The manufacturer may provide written warranties on each floor, usually for three to ten years.

How Often Do You Have To Replace Synthetic Ice?

In the Pro version of Xtraice panels, the life span is 20 years, while in the Lite version, it is 10 years.

Does Synthetic Ice Wear Out?

PolyGlide Synthetic Ice can last for a long time or will it wear out over time. PolyGlide Synthetic Ice is great for skating because it enhances the surface more with use. The PolyGlide product is designed to last for many years under normal use.

Can Synthetic Ice Be Left Outside?

If you are not going to use your outdoor rink, you should cover it or tarp it. The longer you maintain your rink, the better it will perform and glide over the long run. Keeping it clean and letting it breathe will ensure optimal performance and glide.

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