In Australia, the concealer that sells every 12 seconds has been launched. You’re in luck!.. The cult-worthy Shape Tape Contour Concealer by Tarte has officially launched locally, with customers lining up outside Sephora stores around the country to get their hands on it.

Did Tarte Discontinue Shape Tape Concealer?

After a year, the brand is acknowledging that it messed up – big time. That’s exactly what the brand did, so that’s what they did. With a new formula, bottle, and shade range, Tarte is relaunching as Face Tape with the hope of starting fresh with the Shape Tape foundation.

Why Did Tarte Discontinue Shape Tape?

The Tarte Company is removing all shape tape foundations from stores and replacing them with a new formula. Due to customer suggestions and complaints, Tarte’s is launching Face Tape Foundation, a new formula and shade range to replace its Shape Tape Foundation.

Is Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Worth It?

This concealer is great because it covers all of your face, including under eyes, dark circles, and under the chin, and it will last all day long. This is great for people with normal or oily skin.

Does Tarte Ship To Australia?

We are pleased to offer international shipping to customers outside of the United States. You can view items available in your country/region as well as pricing in your local currency by selecting your country/region in the upper right hand corner of our site (on desktop), in the footer (on mobile), or by clicking this link.

Where Does Tarte Ship To?

We ship all orders from our warehouse in New Jersey, USA.

Which Country Brand Is Tarte?

Founded in New York City, Tarte Cosmetics is an American cosmetics company. Maureen Kelly founded Tarte Cosmetics in 1999; her first product was used for the cover of Self magazine the following year. Also in 2000, Henri Bendel introduced Tarte Cosmetics to the public.

Why Did Sephora Stop Selling Tarte Shape Tape?

What is the location of the shape tape? As a result of contracts, Sephora has the Rainforest of the Sea Collection as an exclusive, and Ulta has the Double Duty Beauty Collection (which includes Shape Tape) as an exclusive.

Did Sephora Discontinue Shape Tape?

Tarte shape tape foundation will not be available at Sephora. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused by this error.

Did Tarte Tape Change?

Shape Tape has been relaunched as Face Tape after a year of backlash, with a massive shade expansion and a new formula. With 50 different options, Tarte is working to correct the mistakes of the first release.

Did Tarte Discontinue Shape Tape?

The Tarte Company is removing all shape tape foundations from stores and replacing them with a new formula. Shape Tape Concealer, which was a cult classic, will be released later this month as a full coverage foundation with a matte finish similar to the new foundation.

Is Shape Tape Concealer Discontinued?

Shape Tape Foundations will no longer be available in stores and will be replaced by a new formula by Tarte. Although the original Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is still recommended, its two foundation counterparts did not live up to its formula.

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