The Swiss Jura’s three holy trinity of cheeses – Gruyre, Vacherin Mont d’Or, and Tte de Moine – are made up of these three cheeses. If you’re looking for a comparison, Tte de Moine is most similar to Gruyre, Appenzeller, and Abondance – although those three cheeses will be milder (and larger). The smallest town in the country (Tte de Moine).

Where Is Tete De Moine Made?

The cheese Tte de Moine (French pronunciation: [td d mwan], “monk’s head”) is produced in Switzerland and is known for its distinctive taste.

Can I Freeze Tete De Moine Cheese?

Tete de Moine can be frozen at any time, so long as you do not intend to freeze it for a long time. Tete de Moine also freezes quite well, so freezing it will not affect its texture or quality. Tete de Moine cheese can also be stored in the freezer for a longer period of time.

Is Tete De Moine A Hard Cheese?

This semi-hard cheese is made from raw cow’s milk, and it has a dense texture and a fruity flavor that is intense and intense.

What Does Tête De Moine Taste Like?

Tete De Moine Cheese has a unique taste that is nutty in flavor. Rich and delicate, this tea is a real treat; the soft and super thin ruffles literally melt in your mouth as you taste it.

What Is The Closest Cheese To Swiss?

Swiss cheese is often substituted for cheddar cheese due to its fine texture. Due to its high protein and calcium content, it is a very nutritious food. There are many ways to use this widely available and affordable product.

Is Gruyere Cheese The Same As Swiss Cheese?

The taste of Gruyre varies widely with age, and it is classified as a Swiss-type or Alpine cheese. It is sweet, but slightly salty, with a slightly sweet but slightly salty taste. As it matures, it becomes more assertive, earthy, and complex, often described as creamy and nutty when young.

Is Emmental The Same As Swiss Cheese?

The Emmental, Emmentaler, or Emmenthal cheese is a yellow, medium-hard cheese that originated in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. It is common to refer to Emmental-style cheese as Emmentaler or Swiss cheese in some parts of the world.

What Kind Of Cheese Is Tête De Moine?

The Tte de Moine AOP, literally a monk’s head, is a semi-hard, unpasteurised cheese that weighs around 800 grams and is smeared with a thin layer of butter. This product is very smooth and melts in the mouth due to its fine consistency. A girolle cheese curler or similar tool is used to scrape the cheese into fine rosettes instead of cutting it.

How Long Will Tête De Moine Last?

Tete de Moine usually lasts for almost two months in the refrigerator. Tete de Moine can, however, be stored in the freezer for almost six months, which will extend its shelf life.

Is The Rind Of Tête De Moine Edible?


35,0 g


415 kcal

How Do You Store Tête De Moine Cheese?

To preserve the moisture in Tte de Moine, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator under a cheese cover. In this way, the cheese’s aroma and texture remain intact, and it is ready to be paired at any time.

How Do You Shave Tête De Moine?

To enjoy Tte de Moine, you don’t have to have a girolle. Instead, you can shave off pieces with a knife or cheese slicer, or say screw that, and just cut large chunks like any other cheese you can find.

Where Does Tête De Moine Come From?

The Tte de Moine cheese is made in the Canton of Bern, which is French-speaking. The milk of unpasturised cows is used to make this semi-firm cheese.

How Do You Cut A Cheese Tête De Moine?

Wrap one half of your Tte de Moine AOP in cling film and place it back in cold storage after cutting it in two. You should unwrap your Tte de Moine AOP in the refrigerator for one or two hours if the rind is greasy or sticky. Place the other half on a clean and even surface with the cut side facing down if the rind is greasy or sticky.

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