In addition to its effectiveness against dry mouth and particularly resistant plaque and fungus, TheraBreath also has extra strength varieties that are effective against a number of discomforts and conditions. Especially when combined with a gum care formula such as Dental Pro 7, it can help prevent gum disease and inflammation.

What Are The Side Effects Of Therabreath?

Swollen, red, or bleeding gums, tooth loss, or ongoing tooth pain (signs that you may need additional dental care) are the side effects of Therabreath Oral Rinse.

What Ingredients Are In Therabreath?

Purified water, OXYD-8 (Dr. Katz’s patented version of Oxychlor compounds), PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Benzoate, Essential Oil of Peppermint, Sodium Hydroxide are all included in this product.

How Do You Use Therabreath Tongue Scraper?

You should brush your tongue after scrubbing the mucus layer from the back of your tongue with a clean tongue scraper. You should rinse off the tongue scraper and then squirt a bead of toothpate on it. You can apply a thin coating of toothpaste to the back of your tongue without gagging by using the tongue scraper.

Why Is Therabreath So Expensive?

TheraBreath products are more expensive than ordinary mouthwash and toothpaste because they are made from natural ingredients. As with all things, you really do get what you pay for. We produce and bottle all of our toothpastes and oral rinses in the USA to ensure consistency, high quality, and freshness.

Why Is Therabreath So Good?

Your breath will be freshened, your mouth will be dry, and your morning breath will be prevented with this product. There are no artificial colors, flavors, or alcohol in TheraBreath, so you will not experience stinging sensations when using it.

Do Dentists Recommend Therabreath?

TheraBreath Healthy Gums Periodontist Formulated 24-Hour Oral Rinse is the best overall product. This brand was started by a dentist who specializes in bad breath, taste disorders, tonsil stones, and dry mouth, so you can assume it is good for you.

Are Therabreath Products Safe?

Pregnant women, diabetics, and children who can spit and rinse are all safe to use. Vegetarian, vegan, and kosher products are available from TheraBreath. The products I have used have been effective, very pleasant to use, and do not irritate my skin or cause a burning sensation.

Is Therabreath Harmful?

TheraBreath is also certified kosher, approved for diabetics, and free of animal products, and it is made in the United States, as well. Furthermore, TheraBreath does not contain dyes, artificial sweeteners, or any other chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Can You Use Therabreath Every Day?

Frequently Asked Questions These instructions should be followed 2-3 times a day, usually after breakfast, lunch, and at bed time. If patients cannot follow these instructions after lunch, we recommend either chewing gum, power drops, or breath spray to maintain fresh breath.

Can A Tongue Scraper Damage Your Tongue?

Your tongue shouldn’t be injured or damaged by it. You should use less pressure if it does, as it will cause the scraper to press too hard. After each pass, rinse the scraper in warm water, then swish your mouth out with water to rinse it again.

Is It Better To Brush Your Tongue Or Use A Scraper?

A tongue scraper removes 30 percent more volatile sulfur compounds from the tongue than a soft-bristled toothbrush, according to a study. You can use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue, but using a toothbrush is better than not cleaning it at all.

How Many Times Should You Scrape Your Tongue With A Tongue Scraper?

You should run the scraper twice or three times to the front. If it hurts or cuts your tongue, use light pressure (avoid excessive pressure). (b) Rinse the scraper under warm water after scrapes have been made. Afterwards, rinse your mouth with water.

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