offers Tile Mate Single.

Is Tile Tracker Discontinued?

There are still plenty of Tile Pro products available at retailers, including Amazon, at a discount, even though Tile Sport and Tile Style are no longer available.

Is The Tile Tracker Worth It?

The Tile Premium is an unnecessary expense for most people, but if you’re tracking something valuable, Premium Protect may be worth the cost. Tile is simple to set up: Unlike the Settings menu on your phone, the Tile app (Android, iOS) handles everything for you.

Does Tile Tracker Have A Monthly Fee?

The Tile Premium costs $29 per square foot. You can spend 99 cents a year or $2 a day. You can purchase unlimited tiles for $99 a month. The Tile website and iOS app are both accessible to users.

Can Tile Be Used As A Gps Tracker?

You can download Tile for iOS and Android from the App Store. You can use it to track your car in the background on your phone, and you can access all the features it offers. Tile provides directions to the correct location based on the exact location where you left your car.

How Many Tile Trackers Have Been Sold?

We know that Tile has sold more than 40 million trackers so far.

Who Owns Tile Tracker?

Type of business


Created by

Mike Farley Nick Evans


Consumer electronics


Key finder devices


Official website

Are Tile Trackers Discontinued?

Cons. There is no longer a Tile Sport or Tile Style product line, which Tile replaced with the Tile Pro.

How Do I Dispose Of Old Tile Tracker?

Here is how to recycle your tille. There are many places where tiles can be recycled, including standard e-waste and e-recycling facilities. You’ll be surprised at how many recycling facilities and stores accept this kind of recycling when you type in “e-recycling near me” into your search engine.

Do Tile Trackers Expire?

Tile says that convenience is sacrificed in exchange for the short shelf life. Customers don’t have to worry about changing a tiny battery, and it will last for 12 months.

Can Tile Trackers Be Hacked?

However, there is some good news to be found. Tile Tracker was also tested by Rapid7, and no vulnerabilities were found. The keys to your car can be found in at least one safe place.

How Accurate Is The Tile Tracker?

Tile uses Bluetooth tracking to help you find lost gadgets, measuring the strength of the signal emitted by the tracker in order to help you locate them. In terms of accuracy, the system works, but only between one and ten meters (3 to 5 feet). Due to the current Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the distance between the two devices is 2 and 32 feet.

Does The Tile Really Work?

What is the effectiveness of ttile work? Tile works as advertised in about a week of testing my units. Due to its Bluetooth 4 compatibility. 0 (a. If you are not within 50-150 feet of the Tile, the Tile app will display the last time it was seen on a map. If you are within that range, you will need to connect to the Tile via Bluetooth LE.

Is Tile A Good Car Tracker?

With Tile, tracking a car is easy and affordable. You can use it to track your car in the background on your phone, and you can access all the features it offers. Tile rings can be made by tapping the “Find” feature on the app, as long as your car is in Bluetooth range.

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