This is a good buy for those looking for low-impact workouts at home that will tone their bodies slowly (but steadily) and increase their fitness level. The warranty is limited, but it is worth the price. Even so, it is still more affordable than some comparable Bowflex home gym setups.

How Much Does Total Gym Cost?


Total Gym FIT

List Price Suggested retail price, typically higher than the price you’ll pay with our recommended retailers.


Best Price Since prices change daily, this link goes to our preferred retailer for the current best price. Note: MSRP stands for Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price.


How Do I Order A Total Gym?

What is the process for ordering gym? You can order online here or call 1-877-TOTAL-GYM (868-2549) to place an order.

Is Total Gym Really Effective?

Total Gym workouts are enough to challenge almost anyone, but they really excel at forcing your muscles to stabilize your joints as they exert power; if one arm pushes or pulls more than the other, you’ll notice it. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about dropping weights on your own at the same time.

How Do I Track My Total Gym Order?

You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number once your order has been shipped, which will provide an estimate of when your order will arrive. Please call customer service at 1-800-501-4621 (M-TH: 8:30am-5pm EST) if you have questions about orders, returns, or product concerns.

How Much Is A Total Gym Per Month?

Depending on the membership type, a gym membership can cost between $10 and $200 per month, or $120 to $2,400 annually. There are a variety of exercise equipment available at the gym, as well as a pool, group classes, and access to personal trainers.

Does The Total Gym Come Fully Assembled?

As with other Total Gym Home models, it will be delivered fully assembled when it is delivered.

How Long Does It Take For Total Gym To Ship?

Orders placed at Gym Home Gym are currently being delivered in approximately 3-5 business days. Gym accessories and parts can be shipped within 3-14 business days.

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