Erin Deering and Craig Ellis founded Triangl swimwear label in Australia, and the company is appealing a Federal Court ruling that found it did not infringe on its trademark with its Delphine bikinis.

Are Triangl Bathing Suits Worth It?

I recommend buying a Triangl suit if you love it. You can find out about your size by reading reviews or by talking to a customer service representative. The quality is good, and the suits are quite cute (except for the neoprene, which they no longer sell).

Does Triangl Run Big Or Small?

As a first step, Triangl runs small. There is no higher than a size 10, which is definitely limiting as many people need more than a 10.

What Is S ++ Triangl?

We offer sizes S+ and S++ for girls with small underbusts and larger cups: S+ bust: 93-98 cm.

Who Owns Triangl Swim?

Erin Deering




Businesswoman Entrepreneur

Known for

Co-founder of Triangl

Is Triangl A Good Company?

A consumer rating of 1 is given to TRIANGL. Customers generally rate their purchases as being generally unsatisfactory with 69 stars out of 120 reviews. Customer service, return policies, and poor quality are the most common complaints about TRIANGL.

Do Triangl Swimsuits Have Padding?

Triangl bikinis do not have padding, so if your chest is on the smaller side and you are between sizes, choose the smaller one. In addition, they offer sizes such as “small+”, which is for girls who are narrow around, but have a larger cup size than a standard size.

Can You Mix And Match Triangl?

Mixing and matching is impossible.

How Much Is Triangl Worth?

Erin Deering and Craig Ellis founded Triangl in 2012, and Ms Deering was ranked among the top 35 people on last year’s Rich List with an estimated worth of $35 million. In 2012, the former couple launched Triangl after Ms Deering struggled to find a bikini that cost less than $100 because she was unable to find one that was of high quality.

What Is A Small ++ Triangl?

We use Neoprene, nylon / spandex or velvet to make our Swimwear. These sizes are designed for women with small under busts and large busts. The Neoprene fabric is firm on the body and has a greater resistance to stretching than other fabrics. The body will not be affected by it, and it will not lose its shape.

What Is The Triangl?

Founded in Australia, Triangl is best known for its neoprene bathing suits that were popular for about five to ten years ago. Since then, they have introduced new styles and fabrics, and they generally have cute, unique bathing suits. Experience with Triangl: Triangl has a fairly standard ordering experience.

Is Triangl Sizing Small?

As a first step, Triangl runs small. There is no higher than a size 10, which is definitely limiting as many people need more than a 10. Adding insult to injury, the 10 is basically an 8.

Is Triangl Sizing True To Size?

Triangl runs a little bit small, and the material is very unique, in general. I wear triangl bottoms between small and medium, so they run more true to size than tops (just take into account the material and style).

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