The following terms are used in the context of terminology. In the United States and Canada, charity shops are also known as thrift stores, hospice shops, resale shops, consignment shops, and opportunity op shops. In Australia and New Zealand, charity shops are also known as op shops.

Where Can I Source Vintage Clothes In Australia?

  • You can find vintage pieces at Farfetch, a global online shopping site.
  • I am an ASOS Marketplace member…
  • I was feeling a little pop.
  • The Vestiaire Collective is a nonprofit organization.
  • There is a market for Harlequin products…
  • Vintage clothing from Retrostar.
  • Vintage Wyldesyde.
  • Vintage Queen Justine.
  • Does Australia Have Thrift Stores?

    The Closet is an online thrift store that sells second-hand clothing and accessories.

    How Do I Buy Vintage Clothes In Bulk And Resell?

  • You can shop for vintage clothing online by the bundle, by the piece, or by weight, thanks to popular vintage clothing stores like and
  • On websites like eBay or Etsy, you can also find bulk vintage clothing for sale.
  • What Is Another Word For Thrift Store?


    op shop

    second-hand shop

    thrift store

    charity shop

    What Are Thrift Stores Called In England?

    In England, thrift stores are called ‘charity shops’ or’second hand shops’. The UK has a large number of independent charity shops, as well as a variety of chains of ‘charity shops’ dedicated to specific charities.

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