Would you like to visit Australia? Yes, Yorkshire Tea is now available in Coles supermarkets nationwide. We are very pleased to announce that Yorkshire Tea is now available in Coles supermarkets nationwide.

Where Is Yorkshire Tea Sold?

Yorkshire Tea is a great example of English Breakfast. We have now sold our brew in the UK and many other countries as well, as a result of the popularity of our brew spreading well beyond those regional borders.

Is Yorkshire Tea Made By Taylors?

Founded in 1886, Taylors of Harrogate is a third generation Yorkshire family business.

Is Taylors Of Harrogate A Good Tea Brand?

A quality tea and coffee producer based in Harrogate, Taylors of Harrogate produces a variety of delicious flavours using high-quality ingredients. Their coffee is tested against international standards and sourced from high-quality ingredients.

What Is The Difference Between Yorkshire Tea And Yorkshire Gold?

Taylors Yorkshire Gold is the best blend of Yorkshire Tea they make. Tea leaves from Kenya and Rwanda in Africa and Assam in India are used to make Yorkshire Gold. Yorkshire Gold tea leaves are a step below those used for Yorkshire Tea.

Is Yorkshire Tea Sold In The Us?

Yorkshire Tea sales in America soar by 926% as Americans thirst for a proper brew. Take care of the US election. Yorkshire Gold, PG Tips, Tetley, plain digestives, and ginger nuts have all seen a surge in sales, as well.

Who Is Yorkshire Tea Owned By?

Product type



Bettys & Taylors Group

Produced by

Taylors of Harrogate


England, United Kingdom



Where Is Yorkshire Tea Made?

Camellia Sinensis is the only bush that produces tea. We are interested in tea from Assam and East Africa, but it can grow anywhere. The soil, climate, and rainfall all affect how it is picked and handled, as well as the quality and taste.

Is Yorkshire Tea From India?

The Yorkshire Tea plant is grown in more than 20 different places across Africa and India, then imported to Harrogate and blended – so why is it called Yorkshire Tea?? The last scraps of tea traders’ teas from around the world were mixed together and sold as blends when they needed to sell them.

Is Yorkshire Tea From Kenya?

The Kenyan Tea is a major component of our Yorkshire Tea blend, which is known for its bright, refreshing taste. There are several factories in this area that process the tea, which is grown on estates and small-scale farms.

Where Is Taylors Tea From?

Founded in Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK, Taylors of Harrogate is an independent family tea company. The Taylor’s tea company sources high-quality ingredients from the best tea growers in the world, resulting in over 20 extraordinary tea flavors, including green tea, afternoon Darjeeling, earl grey, and English breakfast.

Is Taylors Of Harrogate Tea Organic?

Chamomile grown organically.

Do Taylors Tea Bags Contain Plastic?

We use plastic in our tea bags – though we are working on a biodegradable alternative. The wrappers vary by range, but our customer service team can provide you with all the details at [email protected]

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