Australia does not allow the ownership or sale of Airsoft Guns. Australia does not currently have a legal way to purchase an Airsoft Gun. Airsoft Guns may be seized by customs upon importation, and fines may apply if you try to import them.

Where Is Airsoft Legal In Australia?

Despite the fact that this is old news, I think the world is not aware that a version of Airsoft has become legal in two states of Australia (Qld and Western Australia).

Can A 14 Year Old Own An Airsoft Gun?

As far as BB guns are concerned, California law provides that: A person can own a BB gun in California if they meet certain requirements. A person under the age of 18 cannot own a BBG without parental consent, however.

Is Airsoft Legal In Australia 2020?

Australia currently prohibits the sale of airsoft, and we are trying to change that. The problem isn’t with paintball itself, but with the guns. Paintball guns are legal in Australia, even though they are much larger and shoot more than 10 times faster than Airsoft BB guns.

Is Airsoft Legal In Australia 2021?

It is illegal to import airsoft articles into Western Australia, and Western Australian Police will not permit their importation. The Northern Territory allows paintball guns, and all airsoft firearms are legal if you possess the right license.

Are Airguns Illegal In Australia?

Air guns are considered firearms for legal purposes, regardless of action type, caliber, or muzzle energy; e.g., air pistols, revolvers, and assault rifles. Class A firearms, such as air rifles, are subject to licensing and are therefore considered firearms.

Are Bb Guns Legal In Australia Nsw?

Many people don’t realize that in NSW, it is illegal to possess or use BB Guns, gel blasters, or other air rifles without a permit or licence. It is possible to face serious consequences if you use or possess such firearms without permission.

Can A 14 Year Old Have An Airsoft Gun?

There are many countries and states that allow airsoft guns, although some have specific restrictions against them. California State Law, for example, classifies these items as both tools and toys, so people of all ages can use them.

Can A 14 Year Old Have An Airsoft Gun Uk?

Children can play Airsoft. Airsoft guns are not legally available to children, but anyone over the age of 18 can buy and gift a two tone gun as long as they possess a valid license. In other words, if you are a parent, you are legally allowed to purchase a two tone Airsoft gun and give it to your child.

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