Pillow Pets can be shipped internationally to any country or region in the world using a package forwarder, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait,

Are Pillow Pets Still Around?

It turns out Pillow Pets exist – they just took off at a very specific time for a very specific generation gap in the marketplace. Jennifer Telfer of San Diego noticed that her son had flattened out his stuffed animal so he could make a cozy pillow to sleep on when she came up with the idea for Pillow Pets.

How Do I Make My Pillow Pets Fluffy Again?

Cold water should be used to wash the clothes. Surface wash only with a damp cloth if you are using sweet-scented pillow pets or battery-operated products. Do not put your clothes in the dryer. Warm, sunny places are the best for drying the plush fabric.

How Much Is My Pillow Pet Worth?

The Telfers, owners of CJ Products, made $300,000 their first year by making the stuffed animal that flattens out to a pillow. Revenues reached $3 million the following year, and then $7 million the following year.

Are Pillow Pets Good?

I love how cute this is. The gift I bought this as is super cute. They are two of our pillows and we use them as throw pillows for the couch, but if you undo the velcro, they are just as good as regular pillows. The fabric is really soft, so they don’t get flat after a while if you use them too often like regular pillows.

Can You Return A Pillow Pet?

If you wish to return any Pillow Pets product within 30 days of its purchase date, you will receive a full refund less shipping costs. You cannot return items after 30 days.

Do Pillow Pets Ship To Canada?

We ship across Canada and the contiguous United States, as well as within the U.S.

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