Real Techniques brushes are available exclusively at Adore Beauty in Australia.

What Are The Best Makeup Brushes In Australia?

  • Real Techniques Everyday Essential Brush Set is the best makeup brush for most people.
  • The best drugstore makeup brushes are the L.F. 12 Pieces Professional Brushes Set.
  • BEAKEY Makeup Brush Set is one of the best cheap makeup brushes available.
  • Sigma Beauty Essential Kit is the best professional makeup brush.
  • Are Real Techniques Brushes Worth It?

    “Real Techniques’ brushes are always up to the task. I love how the finish of my makeup looks. While the bristles are soft, I do feel that they pokey on my face when I buff my foundation with them. Customers on Amazon gave Real Techniques products a 4 out of 5. Over 25,000 reviews have resulted in an average rating of 5/5 stars.

    Are Real Techniques Brushes Made In China?

    We appreciate our partners at Real Techniques because they are primarily made in Asia. We hold our manufacturers to the highest ethical and quality standards, and they are inspected and audited before they can be employed by us.

    How Can You Tell If Real Techniques Brushes Are Fake?

    The fake brushes do not have labels. If the label is there, make sure it is spelled correctly. It is not uncommon for fake ones to have spelling errors. There is gold in every brush in the Core Collection of Real Techniques.

    Do Good Makeup Brushes Make A Difference?

    While we often avoid purchasing expensive makeup brushes, the truth is they make a huge difference when applying makeup and blending.

    Who Makes Real Techniques Brushes?

    Real Techniques, a makeup brush brand founded by Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste, is a British powerhouse.

    Does Real Techniques Sell In China?

    Real Techniques sell in China? Real Techniques is not available in mainland China, as it is required by law to conduct animal testing.

    What Are Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Made Of?

    The Real Techniques brushes are all made of synthetic Taklon bristles, which are cruelty-free and 100% synthetic.

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