Quay Australia is one of the places where Americans can order packages. You can ship items ordered from e-commerce sites like Quay Australia to your house or office address in Canada using one of the options available.

Do Quay Sunglasses Come From Australia?

In addition to selling sunglasses, Quay Australia also offers jewelry and other accessories. The Quay sunglasses range in a wide variety of styles and makes, catering to both men and women, and strive to find the perfect pair to suit their individual needs.

Where Are Quay Australia Sunglasses Made?

The United States. Although the design is cute, I was disappointed that these sunglasses are made in China. In calling themselves an Australian brand, the company says they are family-owned and made in a fair manner.

Does Quay Ship Internationally?

DHL express international shipping is available for all international orders.

Is Quay Australia An Australian Brand?

The Freethinking Spirits Eyeware Company was founded in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia, by two music lovers who wanted to create a cool, affordable, and wide range of eyeware that represented their freethinking spirit. The new shades were a huge hit with people, and news spread quickly.

How Long Do Quay Glasses Take To Arrive?

When your prescription is validated, you will receive your prescription glasses within 17-20 days. You will receive an email confirmation of your order after you have submitted your order.

Who Is Quay Australia Owned By?

Quay Australia’s CEO, Jodi Bricker, is here to tell you about her company. Thanks to her on the reg, we’re able to soak up some of her magic, and we want to share some of it with you. What are your names?? My first and foremost concern is my two teenage daughters, who live in the Bay Area.

Where Is Quay Australia Based?

Founded in California, Quay Australia produces sunglasses, sunglasses accessories, and bags.

Where Are Quay Sunglasses From?

Quay Australia is a brand of the Australian government. In 2004, Linda and Allen Hammond founded Quay Australia, a brand that quickly became known as the cool sunglass brand for freethinkers.

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