The Olympic Games are the biggest sporting event in the world. The first Olympic Games took place back in the 8th Century B.C, at the time the games took place every 12 years until they were banned in the 4th century AD. The games didn’t take place for 1500 years but then they were started up again in Greece in 1896. Since that date, the games have taken place every 4 years and on top of the usual Olympics, there is also the winter Olympics which involves snow sports. The games in 1896 were very different to the games today, now athletes are sponsored and there are advertisements everywhere, but back in 1896, all the athletes competed naked as they were just there to play. Initially, women were not allowed to compete in the Olympics but in 1900 women worldwide were gaining more rights and since then women have been allowed to compete and women’s sport is growing in popularity still today. The Olympics is a huge event that takes a lot of planning and logistics to ensure it runs smoothly, every detail counts all the way down to having enough towels, at the 2012 Olympics hosted in London over 165,000 towels were used. The spirit of the Olympic games is about friendship and harmony between all of the countries, fairness is important to those who run the Olympics which means they crack down hard on anyone taking illegal steroids as it makes the game unfair to take performance-enhancing drugs. What many people don’t know is that as well as illegal steroids there is also legal steroids that have a variety of health benefits, if you’re interested in getting some legal steroids but you aren’t sure which ones to purchase then steroids you can buy legally online are reviewed here as this will help you make your decision. The next games are scheduled for 2021 but the big question is will they go ahead as planned? 

2020 Olympic

The Olympic Games were planned to take place in Tokyo, Japan in 2020. This didn’t go ahead as planned as in November 2019 a virus broke out in Wuhan in China that changed the whole world. The virus initiated here, but it was very transmissible, so it rapidly started to spread. The Chinese government put Wuhan into lockdown but so many people had already travelled out of the area that the virus managed to spread worldwide. The World Health Organisation declared this new virus to be a pandemic and measures were taken worldwide to try and prevent the spread. 

As Japan is so close to China geographically, they struggled with trying to contain the virus. International travel and big events were postponed or cancelled as it was unsafe for people to travel. The message of the 2020 summer was mainly to stay home and if not stay home it was to stay local. International travel was not an option, so the Olympics were postponed to 2021. 

Will the games go ahead?

The 2021 Olympic Games are due to be held in Tokyo, Japan. Last year when the games were rescheduled authorities worldwide assumed that the pandemic would be over by the following summer. Whilst many countries such as Vietnam and New Zealand have managed to eradicate the virus, most countries have not been as successful, and the virus is still affecting everyone’s lives. The games are due to start at the end of July, but the situation now isn’t looking great for any fans of the Olympics. Japan is currently fighting through its fourth wave of the virus and earlier in 2021, the number of cases has been rapidly increasing. The games are not currently a popular idea amongst those who live in Japan, around 70% of the population are wanting the games to be postponed or cancelled again. After a year of being subject to various lockdowns, many citizens in Japan don’t see the Olympics as a risk worth taking as they are craving normality in their lives again and see this as potentially prolonging the pandemic.  

What is different this year?

One of the main differences this year is that the Japanese government and the organisers of the games have said that they will not be postponed, if the games cannot go ahead this summer because of the pandemic then they will just be cancelled instead. No decision has yet been made about whether the games will go ahead, but with only 3 months to go there is a lot of preparation that must be done in a short period of time and as well as the usual planning there needs to be additional planning to make sure the environment is as covid safe as it can be for the athletes. 

Another difference about the games this year is that many fans will be devastated that they had tickets but won’t be able to go. Only Japanese fans are allowed to go and watch the games as international travel is still banned so overseas fans won’t be allowed. One of the best things about the Olympic games is the atmosphere in the stadium, it’s said to be one of the most fun sporting events, this is making many athletes want the games to be postponed as the atmosphere impacts performance. It is still unclear if they will go ahead but a decision will be made soon.  

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